Are You The Next Under Armour Elite Runner?


Under Armour is looking for an elite group of long distance runners to join their families of athletes. They know that the rules of engagement have changed, and get that it takes a lot more than sponsorship to build a champion. Submit your application and you could be part of an inspiring group of runners to help you stay motivated and in the lead.

“If distance is your calling, speed is your stride and the podium your destination, you are an Elite Runner.

Apply here to become a part of Under Armour’s Elite group of runners who enjoy the benefits of product and support from one of the best performance brands in the world.

Be. Elite.


Is it the beat of your heart, the sharp point of your being?
Do the Kilometres build-up effortlessly in order to define the sweet moment of victory?
Because only you know what it takes to be the best, and being in the front is the only place to be.
Under Armour is Looking for an ELITE group of runners to join our family of athletes.

Because the rules of engagement have changed and it takes more than a sponsorship to build a champion.




T’s&C’s Apply”


Do you qualify to be one of Under Armour’s Elite Athletes? This is what it takes:

Athletes must have run in a minimum of four official South African marathons per calendar year for the past two years. Be registered to an official running club. 

Able to run in accordance with the following distances and times:

  •  Half Marathon:
    •  Female – sub 1h20
    • Male – sub 1h05
  • Full Marathon
    •  Female – sub 2h50
    • Male – sub 2h25
  • Ultra Marathon (Comrades Time or Similar)
    •  Female – sub 7h00
    • Male – sub 6h10
What You Get

Successfully appointed Elite Athletes will receive the following:

  • R20 000 worth of Under Armour gear per running calendar
  • R5000 worth of race entries and support per calendar year
  • Ad hoc seeding to the latest Under Armour Run technologies for product testing
  • An athlete card which gives access to all Under Armour gear at MVP prices (45% off of the retail price of Under Armour Footwear and 50% off the retail price of Under Armour Apparel/accessories)


22 thoughts on “Are You The Next Under Armour Elite Runner?

  1. My running journey only started in 2018 and the sole purpose was to loose weight. I worked as a security guard at a local stadium and joined the people training on the track. A career highlight was to finish 3rd at the Cape Peninsula Marathon this year in a time of 2:22:07 It was also an honor to be part of the 2020 Sanlam Elite invitational Marathon, where I finished 5th in the Cape Town event in 2:25:13.

  2. My personal best in marathon 2h22:07 I run this year on the 16 February 2020 Cape Peninsula Marathon.

  3. My personal best in half marathon 1h11:05 I run last on June 2019

  4. My personal best in 10kms 32minutes and 17seconds I run last on 16 June 2019 at Gugulethu race

  5. I would also suggest one exceptional age grouper male and female say best 40-49 or 50-59 or even 60-69 and their exceptional performances may inspire many runners interest and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Just a thought.
    Good luck.

  6. My personal best in 10km is 30:51 in Bert’s bricks raod race in North West Potchefstroom and I’m capable of running best time’s even representing my country

  7. I’m a athlete and elite personal trainer for 12yrs been running since I was 16yrs old

  8. I started running in 2016 after I stopped playing football due to injury
    And I have a personal best of 33mins in 10km SARun4cancer 2017

  9. I’m an ultra marathon runner an marathon pb for 100km is 8hr5mi an for 56km is 3hr45 min an for 89km 6hr45 n im still looking forward to break all my personal best times

  10. I’m So interested in becoming part of those under Armour athletes. I’m a distance runner.

  11. Thanks so much. I would like to be part of the sponsored distance athlete

  12. Sam mofokeng,18 October 2020 at 6pm,my personal best of 10km is 0:49:28

  13. The standard set is high but not impossible. However, I am a passionate Runner who has done nine comrades and hoping to achieve a milestone next year if all okay. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind to associate myself with such a powerful brand and having a high number of friends crazy about under armour brand will certainly push the numbers higher… “Brand ambassador in running community”

  14. My name is William Mokwalakwala and I call myself an elite runner. I run for Meyerton athletics. Iam unemployed and depend of running price money to survive, I am a veteran 44 years and my times are as follows
    1. 10km 29:36 in 2018 Sasolburg Marathon
    2. 21.1km 1:05:28 in 2003 Vanderbijlpark
    3. 42.2km 2:18:36 in 2015 Sasolburg Marathon
    4. 50km 2:57:58 in 2015 Om die Dam
    5.89.7km 5:39:29 in 2014 Comrades Marathon

  15. Yes i accept but my best marathon time is 3:33 but it can be improved i believe i can do best with good support and coaching

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