The Ultimate Warrior, Jason Fritz Tells All


Toyota Warrior Races have become a regular on the race circuit, the gutsy obstacle course race is the perfect test of endurance for any athlete, its combination of fitness and fun makes it the perfect event for anyone and everyone to take part in. 

Just ask Jason Fritz, he has taken on more than 43 Toyota Warrior races over the last 7 years. This dedicated warrior has fought bravely on the muddy battlefield and triumphed over many obstacles. We wanted to find out a little more of why exactly he keeps coming back for more! 

Exactly how many Toyota Warrior races have you finished?

30 Black-ops Elite's

5   Commando Elite's

8   Rookie's

What is it that you most enjoy about the Toyota Warrior races?

There are many things I enjoy about the Toyota Warrior Race, but if I need to single out one or two things, I would say it's the people you meet on course and by the finishline the friends you have made, and of course the awesome challenges that you face at each race. 

What’s your all-time favourite obstacle?

It has to be the flying monkey and any heavy pull obstacles.
*for those that are newbies the flying monkey is a set of overhead bars that you literaly swing from one bar to another like a monkey. Heavy pull obstacles … pulling heavy objects from point A to B ;0

What’s your least favourite obstacle?

Sjoe, the running is by far the hardest thing for me – I am a big guy and definetly not the quickest runner on the course.

What is your advice for all the Warrior Rookies taking on their first race? 

Go out, have fun, enjoy it, take it a challenge at time, you can always improve on the next race, what is important is to remember the main reason you are doing the Toyota Warrior is to have fun and meet like minded people who like you want to enjoy themselves.  

Do you currently do any training?

I recently started with a running coach and have been working on my running a lot. I train grip work and obstacle twice a week with strength work in between.

What motivates and drives you to finish?

The feeling of accomplishment and knowing that your training and hard work pays off, is a huge motivating factor to finish.  Knowing that we are privileged to do what we do and have the opportunity to race, inspires me to always give my best.

Do you have a psych-up mix of songs, and which one is at the top?

On the way to a race I listen to good old house music in the car. Before a race and on warm-up it’s me and the natural sound around me.

The Toyota Warrior race is the perfect combination of fitness and fun for everyone taking part. Distances range anything from 5-kilometres to 15-kilometres with three categories to set them apart, namely: Rookies, Commandos and Black-Ops. This gutsy obstacle course race has proven to test the endurance of many top athletes, in search of the ultimate warrior. Through burpees, climbing, running, crawling and jumping, a hero emerged.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat Jason at his game? Enter now for the Toyota Warrior race taking place 24 November 2018, at Soweto.