Recovery Advice from Wietse


Wietse van der Westhuizen is 60 and has finished the Comrades Marathon an impressive 41 times! Organiser of the weekly Wietse se Run training in Cape Town, he is always asked by people, why he runs. His answer is always the same, “I run because I love to eat and enjoy a nice craft beer and good red wine. My philosophy in life is to do what you enjoy and make the most of every day. Try to do everything in moderation.”

Wietse's dream is to to run 50 consecutive Comrades Marathons, he has been healthy for the last 41 years and trusts that by the grace of God he will reach this goal. But to do this he has to make sure he looks after himself. “I am a firm believer that if you look after your body by doing the necessary training, eat healthy food that were provided by God to us you can enjoy many active years without the worries of the all the modern health problems. Unfortunately, because of the rat race, more stress and hard training, the food that land on our tables today can’t provide us with all the nutrients that we need to get the best out of our bodies. With 1000’s of km run, I need something more to help me reach that dream of 50 consecutive Comrades Marathons.”

With Wietse's experience he has now developed a daily routine that not only keeps him running but keeps him healthy too:

My day starts with Avogel Multiforce Alkaline powder to help me get rid of all the unnecessary acids in my body due to my love for food, wine and beer. That is followed up after breakfast with Threshold MSM because it is a natural anti-inflammatory it helps me to maintain healthy joints, tendons and ligaments. With two knee operations behind me due to a rugby injury and cracking my knee cap on a tile floor, Threshold MSM  assists me with my weak knees while training for my next race. Thanks to Threshold MSM , gone are those days of waking up with pain when walking that first steps towards the bathroom not even thinking of running.

In his running career Wietse has learn't the importance of recovery in his training, he takes us through his recovery process below:

One aspect of running that most runners forget about is what to do when they just finished that race. Most of us are on a high and just want to celebrate our victory, don’t even think about tomorrow, about another run and most of all, about a recovery drink. The first few minutes after your race and even a training session is vital for your recovery!

The best recovery drink for running or any other sport depends on the amount of time you are doing the exercise. The purpose of a recovery drink is to restore fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat, replace muscle fuel used during the run and provide protein to help repair damaged muscle tissue.

If you are running for less than an hour, water is the best drink during and after your run. If your runs routinely last longer than 60 minutes, you will need something more than water for recovery. I usually love to drink Chocolate milk after a long run for recovery because of its combination of simple and complex carbohydrates along with protein. The simple carbohydrate will provide quick fuel replenishment while the protein helps build and repair muscle. Chocolate milk also provides the fluid and minerals needed for rehydration.                                       

To get the most out of you body is to take care of it before, during and after a run and even a stressful day at work. We have only one body and the privilege to live once, make the best of it.

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