Get ready for Comrades with THRESHHold


Training for Comrades or any endurance-based sport pushes your capabilities as an athlete to the limit, and when training at this level, supplements are not a luxury, they are a necessity. However, as athletes we want to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies, instead of blindly taking a pill.

The good news is that THRESHHold® has done the research and is here to tell you why you should be taking this supplement every day! A treatment for chronic joint pain, it has been on the market for over 10 years, but not until recently have runners discovered its benefits in not only assisting recovery, but in improving performance as well.

What is THRESHHold®
THRESHHold® is made up of pure MSM – methylsulphonylmethane, an organically bonded sulphur – which is a naturally-occurring compound essential for the structure of every living cell. In fact, sulphur is one of the most abundant substances in the body, and crucial to maintaining healthy joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. The problem is that sulphur can’t be made by the body, it must be obtained through diet. Fortunately, you’ll find it in many fruits, vegetables (generally the smelly kind, such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and grains.

Well, in an ideal world you would. The trouble is that with today's long farm-to-table times, cold storage and cooking methods, much of food’s sulphur content is potentially lost before we even eat it, and because of this we can become sulphur-deficient. This not only impacts our day-to-day health, but may significantly affect our athletic performance, a fact many runners are unaware of.

So how does THRESHHold® help me?
MSM is a clinically proven natural anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce pro-inflammatory markers and increases anti-inflammatory markers to inhibit excessive inflammation caused by physical exertion. It also provides relief from pain and inflammation following exercise. MSM is also a vital building block for the regeneration of damaged connective tissue and protects muscles and joints from exercise-induced damage and pain, thus providing faster post-exercise recovery.

It also maintains levels of glutathione, which aids strength and endurance and helps reduce injury recovery time. Increased antioxidant enzyme levels is another benefit, meaning it helps protect against muscle damage during exercise, once again improving performance and shortening recovery time.

Expert Opinion
Dr David Naude, a homeopath running his 10th Comrades Marathon this year, explains why MSM is gaining prominence amongst runners: “There have been two parallel trends gaining momentum the past five years. The first is the global trend toward natural products for day-to-day general health management. Where in the past natural products were a last resort, today they are often a person’s first choice, even when visiting their doctor. The second trend is the unceasing demand from athletes for products that improve performance and recovery, but in line with the first trend, are also effective, of high quality, natural and chemical-free. Athletes are doing more of their own research and becoming more savvy about what they put in their bodies, and so MSM’s benefits are coming to the fore.”

We all know natural is best, and with THRESHHold® you know you are getting what your body needs, not only to recover better, but also to improve your performance on the day!

*Each THRESHHold® tablet contains 1000mg of pure, four-times distilled OptiMSM. For maintenance, 2-3 tablets can be taken daily, while dosage can be increased to 6 tablets daily during periods of intensive exercise.