Free Bins for Races that Runclean!


Get FREE BINS for Your Race with Modern Athlete’s #runclean campaign, brought to you by Garbie.

As part of the #runclean campaign to promote no littering, we are providing FREE fold-up cardboard bins and plastic bin liners to registered #runclean events, in conjunction with Garbie Bins from East Rand Plastics.

Any running or walking event held in South Africa can apply and the requirements for event organizers are quite simple:

1. Register your event online and tell us how many bins you will need for your event.
To register, look for the quick and simple sign-up form via the link on, or go to We suggest you do this well in advance, so that your request can be processed in time and the bins delivered, and you will need lead time to follow through on step 2.

2. Put the #runclean and Garbie logos on your entry form, and race/club website.
Your event should be proud to be called a #runclean event, as you will be contributing to cleaning up both our sport and the environment, and Garbie should be listed as a sponsor of your event, given that the bins are sponsored and delivered FREE of charge to your event. As part of the sign-up process, we will require to send us an example of your entry form and the address of your website.

3. Commit to anti-litter measures at your event.
Actively promote a no littering attitude to your entrants across all platforms, during registration, at the start, on the route and at prize-giving. Get your race announcer to talk about running clean, put up anti-litter posters, incentivise athletes to bring their plastic back to the finish by offering a prize for the best anti-litter effort, or offer a prize for the best race day selfie posted online showing anti-litter efforts. Only by highlighting it will we begin to solve the littering problem.

Once your event is registered and has met steps one and two, Garbie will arrange the delivery of the bins, liners and bags, all free of charge, to the address you have specified in your registration form. Modern Athlete will then also promote your event through our various platforms – magazine, website, newsletters, social media, etc.

Please note that as from the 1st of August 2017, only events that display the Garbie logo on their entry forms and website will qualify for FREE bins.

Modern Athlete’s #runclean campaign calls on all runners to stop littering during races. This problem – runners dropping used water sachets or cups in the road – has become one of the most prominent talking points in South African running circles, and while many runners have already stopped littering, some continue to just toss their used sachets on the road, even when dustbins are provided along the route!

Here’s how all athletes can #runclean:
• Throw all water sachets or cups in a rubbish bin, or carry them until you find a bin.
• Wear running kit with a pocket for used sachets, or make a pocket with your licence number.
• Carry your own water in a hydration pack or belt, so you don’t need to use sachets.

Share your #runclean efforts or experiences at or mail to