Old Resolutions… Renewed


It’s that time of year… January, and New Year’s Resolutions are the hot topic as streams of people hit the gyms, hoping to fulfil the exact same health and fitness resolutions that they probably set themselves the year before. And that’s why you should consider signing up for the #9to5Challenge instead. – BY 9TO5 COACH JEANNIE JORDAAN

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions for health and fitness, most people go for the same options year after year:
1 I will lose those kilo’s and reach my goal weight.
2 I will ride my bike every weekend.
3 I will go running every day.
4 I will drop my body fat percentage.
5 I will eat healthy, cut out alcohol and drink more water…

Blah, blah, blah, blah… We’ve all been on this roundabout, possibly even for umpteen years of re-hashing the same old resolutions. The irony is that most of us never actually stick to these resolutions… because “it’s hard!” I hear that phrase used year after year, especially after the January rush, when the magnitude of the goal sets in by February or March. In fact, I’m convinced the phrase “But it’s hard” should have its own ‘emoji’ – something that resembles a defeated heap of brain matter – because one thing I have learnt from years of training myself and others is that the body can usually keep up.

It’s the mind that plays tricks on us and tells us we can’t, because it’s too hard, when in actual fact we can… we just need a plan! And that’s where the #9to5Challenge steps in, to take the thinking out of the equation and turn it into an easy to follow, easy to fit into your lifestyle programme to get you moving in 2017 and finally succeed at sticking to those annually-repeated resolutions.

While this past, first year of the #9to5Challenge has been exceptionally rewarding and has seen hundreds of challengers reach their goals, the #9to5Challenge team is planning bigger and better challenges for 2017. From spreading our wings over more parts of Gauteng, and catering not only for 5km challengers, but also 10km and 21km challengers, to also offering a fully inclusive nutrition package through our resident dietician, Sarah Wildy. And there are amazing prizes up for grabs for “Best Overall Achiever” and “Most Improved” challenger. This challenge is the whole package, with support and guidance in abundance.

At the same time, I can’t help but look back on what I learnt in 2016. What stands out the most for me is the WHY that challengers arrive at their first session with, and this goes hand in hand with our theme “Old Resolutions… Renewed.” I have seen that the more meaningful your WHY is to you, the more likely you are to succeed in attaining your goal. There are those that run because they “want to” versus those that run because they “have to,” and the motivation behind either one of these reasons to run (your WHY) can determine vastly different outcomes when targeting your goal.

Those that are motivated solely by being forced to run by parents, peer groups, partners, etc, or are targeting an external goal to make others happy (running to lose weight because it is perceived to be more socially acceptable, or for a partner) are less likely to enjoy the journey, or achieve their running or weight-loss goals, and tend to find it hard. Conversely, those that are trying to make lasting lifestyle and health changes to feel better physically and emotionally, and who, while on the journey of learning how to run, start to love the feeling of pushing themselves to new and higher levels, who enjoy both the solitude of running alone and the social time with new friends, will be more likely to adopt running as a lifestyle and tick that ‘Old Resolution… Renewed’ off the list.

As far as hopes and wishes for the #9to5Challenge go for 2017, we want to help you tick your tired resolution off your list and bring you into a new way of thinking, feeling and experiencing health and fitness. Then we will achieve OUR goal. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now. Go on, I challenge you!

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The #9to5Challenge takes non-runners to their first 5km race, and upwards, after just nine weeks! To register or get more information, go to www.modernathlete.co.za/ page/9-to-5-challenge, or mail jeannie@run925.co.za. Also, more info at www.facebook.com/9to5Challenge.