Anti-litter Pockets Promote #runclean


The new KPMG running vest is the latest edition to the successful Modern Athlete #RunClean campaign.

The KPMG Running Club is the first road running club in SA to include an innovative, anti-litter pocket on its club vests in support of the #runclean campaign. The vests have been produced by in2sports, Modern Athlete’s sister company. The pocket is placed on the side of the vest and designed to hold empty water sachets or energy gel packs after they have been consumed by athletes during a run or walk.

This forms part of the ongoing awareness campaign to get South African athletes to pledge to #runclean at all running events, and the tag that comes with these vests explains how an athlete can pledge to #runclean:
• Think twice about tossing a water sachet on the ground during or after an event.
• Carry your water sachet in the anti-litter pocket until you can properly dispose of it.
• Promote a no littering rule at all times.
• Volunteer to help clean up at water tables at events.

Clubs! Corporates! Design and order your custom-made #runclean vests from in2sports! Contact or call us today on 082 99 77 888.

To register your race as a #runclean event and request FREE Garbie bins and bags to be delivered to your event, look for the sign-up link on the Modern Athlete runclean page on Facebook, or go to Garbie will then arrange for the delivery of rubbish bins, liners and rubbish bags to your event, all free of charge, and Modern Athlete will publicise your event as a #runclean event.

We would love to hear about your efforts to #runclean, so send your letters, photographs or ideas to

Think before you throw – #runclean