Top Tips for Tackling JURA Like a Pro!


The Hollard JURA will have you crawling, climbing and running through urban and man-made obstacles you've never experienced before. It’s Go Time! Experience an adventure in your backyard at the Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure at Marks Park on Saturday, 28 May 2016. The Hollard JURA is a race that combines the best parts of trail running and obstacle courses to form a whole new urban running experience.


Here are our 5 top tips in conquering the Hollard JURA obstacles:

Show us your Spots

There’s nowhere to move but forward. For the leopard mesh crawl you’ll be making your way bum up and belly to the grass to get to the other side.

Hint: Keep your bum up so the net is above your face, that way you use your arms to move the net in front of you, easy-peasy!


Hanging Tough

Think ropes, and lots of them. You'll have to navigate your way across a rope jungle, using those guns to get you safely across and back to earth. Remember, the only wrong direction is down.

Hint: Build momentum then swing over and grab the next rope, this applies especially to those a little short in the arm department.


Wet and Wild

A addition to the Hollard JURA is the over 60m inflatable water slide. Glide your way down at speed while the water sprays around you. Time to cool down and letting catch your breath before the adventure continues. 

Hint: Lie flat on your back, hold your nose if you don’t want water up those nostrils and don’t forget to say “Weeeeeee!”


The Last Straw

With over 300 hay bales, the affectionately named “Hay Bale Hell is one of the highlights along the route. You’llrun and jump your way through, burying your hands in the straw and pulling yourself over, upwards and onwards.

Hint: Straw can scratch, so grab gently when you’re reaching for the next bale as you work your way over. Don’t forget to hoist and help each other out.


Over, Under, Through

From a series of obstacles to hop over and a variety of urban obstacles and storm water drains to crawl under and through. The Hollard JURA will have you going all O.U.T.

Hint:Going up? Hold the top, slide your foot to the side of the obstacle to get a good grip and then lift. Going under? Stop, drop and roll or try a squat and crawl.


Other obstacles you can look forward to: 3 crawling tunnels, grabbing some frequent climber miles up the Albert’s Farm rock climb, Tarzan style rope swings over Spruit ravines, wobbling your way across the balance walkers and winding your way down the 300m reed tunnel.

There’s fun for everyone, pick from three distance options: 6km, 12km and 18km. Each distance will feature a variety of inner-city obstacles, detours for those less adventurously inclined and routes that will give you the chance to climb, crawl and run through an epic urban jungle gym.

For those not lacing up and for all your family and friends, the Hollard Adventure Weekend Race Day Village at Marks Park will be alive with activity for the whole family.

Some fun to look forward to: A mini obstacle course for the adventurers in the making, an SAB beer garden and “Gig Rig”, Joburg’s top food stalls, an ABI family area, and much more. Follow all the latest news and announcements via social media by following us on Facebook.

There two weeks to go and a couple entries left so dust off those running shoes and enter! Entry fees are R249 for the 6km, R299 for the 12km and R330 for the 18km. Get your nearest sole mate and visit entries and more information.