Hilly Soweto


The 42 kilometre Marathon

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The 42 kilometre marathon has a total gain of 458 metres, which means that there are plenty of hills for the hill climbers to enjoy.

The route starts out downhill but there are a number of nasty climbs before the half-way mark.

Unfortunately, the half way mark heralds the point at which the marathon starts climbing so you definitely should leave plenty of energy in your tank for the last half of the race.

For more information on the actual route, click here (https://www.modernathlete.co.za/stories/soweto-marathon-route-description)

The 21 kilometre half marathon

With its total gain of 188 metres, the half marathon certainly isn’t short of hills.

However, like its longer cousin, this race distance starts with downhills.

Runners shouldn’t be fooled as the second half of the race includes most of the uphills.

For more information on the actual route, click here (https://www.modernathlete.co.za/stories/soweto-half-marathon-route-description)

The 10 kilometre run

Although it is way shorter than either the marathon or the half marathon, the 10 km route also has its fair share of hills.

However, the route is mostly downhill until around the seven kilometre mark, where it starts climbing.

This climbing takes up most of the remainder of the race, so it is definitely advised that runners keep energy for this section.

For more information on the actual route, click here (https://www.modernathlete.co.za/stories/soweto-marathon-10-km-route-description)

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