Meet Your Comrades Pacesetters


The Modern Athlete Pacesetting Buses have become an important part of the race, with thousands of runners relying on the experienced bus drivers and conductors to help them reach their target times, or get home before the final cut-off gun.

This year we’re providing more buses than ever before, notably in that massively important last hour of the race when more than half the field comes home, and these talented, dedicated runners with their flags denoting target time are the ones to look out for on race day (the number in brackets is the amount of Comrades medals they each have). Come meet them at the Modern Athlete stand during the Expo, and watch for social media announcements of the times when they will be available for a pre-race chat.

Sub-12:00 Vic Clapham Bus
Vlam Pieterse (23) & Derrick Rondganger (7)

Sub-11:45 Vic Clapham Bus
Frans Campher (19)

Sub-11:30 Pink Drive Vic Clapham Bus

Wietsche Van Der Westhuizen (37) & Hilton Murray (11)

SUB-11:00 Bronze Bus
Jackie Campher (13), Jeff Ramokoka (16) & Chris Kubeka (13)

Sub-9:00 Bill Rowan Bus
Johan Van Tonder (12) & Shane van Dam (8)