Comrades Official Cut-offs Confirmed


The 90th Comrades Marathon, an up-run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, 31 May 2015 will have six official cut-offs along the route. The Comrades Marathon Association’s (CMA) Race Director, Rowyn James, has announced that the following cut-offs have been confirmed and will form part of this year’s race rules:

1. Cowies Hill (17km/70.7km) – 2:40:00 (08h10)
2. Winston Park (30,7km/57km) – 4:30:00 (10h00)
3. Drummond (Halfway – 43,7km/44km) – 6:15:00 (11h45)
4. N3 Subway, Cato Ridge (57.7km/30km) – 8:10:00 (13h40)
5. Umlaas Road Interchange (67,7km/20km) – 9:30:00 (15h00)
6. Top of Polly Shortts (80,2km/7,5km) – 11:10:00 (16h40)

* Distance done/distance to go added in first brackets, and race time followed by actual time in second brackets

James says, “Due to the extra 877m route deviation in the first half of the race, the previously advertised halfway cut-off of 6 hours has been extended to 6 hours 15 minutes, so as to factor in the additional distance.”

James adds, “The cut-offs are an important facet of the race and are there for the wellbeing of the runner. Should a runner not make any one of the cut-offs within the allotted time, they will not be able to complete the race within the overall 12-hour cut-off time. It is a sad reality for quite a few runners every year, but it is all for the runner’s good.”

James concludes, “The 90th Comrades Marathon has attracted runners from across the globe. The CMA warmly welcomes all runners and supporters to our beautiful province in celebration of the world’s biggest and oldest ultra-marathon. We invite the nation to be part of it!”