Mikaela Jonsson

Merrell Hobbit Trail Run 2015


“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging,
and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” J.R.R Tolkein

If he’d mentioned that it would wind through magical woodlands, over the enchanted Amatola Mountains of the Eastern Cape and under its cascading waterfalls, his only difficulty would’ve been turning all the adventure keen applicants away.

The Merrell Hobbit Trail Run entices runners bewitched by the beauty of placing footprints in an indigenous forest to spend a weekend in the spectacular Hogsback region on the 25th and 26th April 2015. Earlier than its normal November slot, the two-day 100km, 38km, 16km and 5km fun run was moved forward to comply with landowners’ regulations.

A small band of just 45 spirited trail runners will gain entry to tackle the two-day 100km journey along the Amatola Hiking trail, ascending over 5000m, making this one of the toughest multi-day trail running events on the calendar. Both days are long, with average finishing times of 7-12 hours each day, giving the runners plenty of time to reflect on life’s subtleties, as they experience the physical, mental and emotional highs and lows that come with covering this extreme route. The camaraderie experienced at the communal and rustic overnight Cata Hut makes this truly a unique and wonderful event.

While the 100km runners make their journey from the overnight hut on Sunday 26th April, three other one-day events are undertaken around the mystical town of Hogsback. A 38km loop has runners ranging out and over the famous Hogsback Mountain as the 16km racers hurtle through the surrounding forest. The gentle 5km route gets families and kids firmly under the spell of single-track trail running.

Spoilt for choice with plenty of accommodation options in the region, this event offers a magical weekend for all participants as well as non-competing partners in South Africa’s very own mystical fairytale land.

Entries for all events are now open with limited entries available for the two-day Merrell Hobbit 100km.

Look to www.mountainrunner.co.za for full details.