Rene Kalmer at the 2012 at the World half marathon Championships in Kavarna

CMA Medical Statistics for 2014 Comrades Race Day


Comrades Doctor, Dr Jeremy Boulter has issued the medical statistics for the 2014 Comrades Marathon.

Nearly 800 runners received medical treatment at the Finish Venue at the Sahara-Kingsmead Cricket Stadium. Of these, 362 were attended to at the main Medical Tent while more than 400 runners received R&R, rub-downs, strapping, massage and mild treatment at the St. John’s Tent.

60 patients were treated at Durban’s St. Augustine’s Hospital while 14 patients were referred to the Umhlanga Hospital. As at last night (Monday 2 June 2014), 4 patients remained in hospital for further investigation while the rest were treated and discharged.

The CMA has over the years, implemented extensive medical, emergency, first aid and physiotherapy provisions for its thousands of participants. Sponsored by Netcare 911 and Ampath Laboratories, these much-needed medical amenities are made available at strategic positions along the route and at the Finish Venue.

This comprises eight physiotherapy stations, a fleet of ambulances, several rapid response vehicles, a team of paramedics, a dedicated emergency helicopter, the extensive Adcock Ingram Critical Care Medical Tent at the Finish Venue, a 3-bed fully equipped ICU-type resuscitation area; a critical care emergency facility on the Finish Line and the St. John’s Ambulance Tent. The referral hospitals are St Anne’s and St Augustine’s Hospitals.

Dr Boulter says, ‘The Comrades Marathon is a tough race. The aim of our extensive medical provisions is to allow us to help a runner in just about any medical eventuality should the need arise.’

He adds, ‘The majority of the runners who were attended to at the medical tent were dehydrated and exhausted. Although these are fairly minor symptoms, our medical staff had another busy Comrades Race Day on their hands but all within their grasp.’