Rene Kalmer

The First Half of the Comrades Down Run


As I write this we are 25 days away from the 2014 Comrades Marathon. Less than three and a half weeks. As the final preparations get made for Comrades race day and the last bit of training gets done, it is important to start looking to 1 June and what you can expect along the route.

In yesterday’s edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast, Comrades Coach Lindsey Parry spoke about what you could and should expect at the start of the race (You can listen to that here). On the second of this three part series about Comrades race day Lindsey talks us through the first half of the down run.

If you’ve never run a down run, at about 40 kilometers you will be thinking that the world has being lying to you because there is not much down about the first half of the down run. For me, at the time, the first half of my first Comrades was the hardest marathon I had ever run. It is important to know what you’re in for in the first half, and even more important to save something for the brutal second half of the down run.

Lindsey gives some great tips today and be sure to come back tomorrow as we talk about the second half of the Comrades Down run.