Comrades Marathon Medical Waiting Area


With one week to go to the 2014 Comrades Marathon, friends and family of participants can rest easy even if their runner requires medical treatment at the Finish Venue Medical Tent on Race Day – Sunday, the 1st of June 2014.

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has gone the extra mile by hosting its Medical Waiting Area, a facility designed to assist those people whose loved ones are receiving medical attention in the Medical Tent.

As a rule, only runners seeking medical care are allowed in the Medical Tent, rendering the area out of bounds to the greater public. However, the CMA’s Medical Portfolio has gone beyond the realm of just the runner, by taking the emotional needs of the runner’s loved ones into account as well.
Concerned friends and family members of the injured or ill runner may visit the General Information Tent and apply for an entry permit to access the Medical Waiting Area, should they wish to enquire about the status of the runner or request any medically related advice.

Please note that access to the Medical Tent by the general public will be firmly restricted and the CMA asks that all people be cooperative in this regard.

Tea, coffee, TV facilities and access to certain medical staff will be available here.
Comrades Doctor, Dr Jeremy Boulter says, ‘It can be traumatic to have a friend or family member be admitted to the Medical Tent. We have therefore tried to make the experience a little less stressful by creating the Medical Waiting Area.’

Dr Boulter adds, ‘Sometimes it’s the little things that count. The CMA’s intention is that the runners and their supporters enjoy a memorable day without worry or stress. To this end, we are doing our bit to make the Comrades Finish Venue; and the Medical Tent for that matter, that much more accommodating.’