Trail runners in action during the 2013 FNB Platinum Trail Run presented by ISUZU.  Photo Credit ~ Cherie Vale / NEWSPORT MEDIA

The Forgetful Runner’s Checklist


You have trained hard for the Two Oceans Marathon and you don't want to hit a night before panic by discovering that you left some running essentials back home. It might be something replaceable like safety pins or gels.

But maybe you forgot to pack both your racing shoes(confession) or left your favorite socks or lucky underwear at home. When traveling to a race, I always travel with my race day essentials in my carry-on back pack, in case my checked-in luggage gets lost.

For a change the weather forecast is looking good for Saturday, but be prepared for any weather.
To avoid the forgetful runner panic, make a checklist and check it TWICE!


– Hotel-and flight confirmation
– Race confirmation and address where to pick up your race number.
– Course map
– Chargers for cellphone and GPS watch
– Vaseline
– Safety pins
– Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
– Pre race breakfast
– Water bottle

Race day

Get your racing gear ready the night before, to avoid last minute chaos in the early hours of saturday morning!

– Race number
– Racetec timing chip
– Running shoes or Racers
– Running shorts
– Sports bra
– Running Vest
– Sunglasses and sunscreen.
– Shocks
– Compression shocks
– Energy drink and gels
– Stopwatch or GPS watch FULLY CHARGED

Post Race

– Recovery drink
– Post race snack
– Dry clothes
– Socks
– Rain jacket
– Towel
– Plastic bag for wet sweaty clothes.

Enjoy every moment of the World's mosts beautiful marathon!