Nils Frommhold wins Ironman South Africa 2014 (Photo credit: Robbie Little - FinisherPix)

How to Control Pre Race Day Nerves


Starting to feel the butterflies in your stomach with 3 days to go to Two Oceans Marathon? Nerves are normal as race day is creeping closer and closer. Believe me! Whether you are running the half marathon or ultra, racing to win or just aiming to conquer the distance. All runners go through the same emotions in race week. Uncertainties will arise during race week. Did I train hard enough? Should I have done more? Should my long runs have been longer?

The best way to overcome these uncertainties is to think back of the progress you have made, from December on the beach till now. Remind yourself of the weeks of preparation, early mornings and sacrifices you made to get you to this race. Don’t compare your training with anyone else’s, it will only plant seeds of doubt in your mind. Trust your training! No workout in race week can make you any fitter. Overdoing it in race week is more of a concern than under doing it.

Relax! Try and get your mind of the race by doing some non-running related activities, reading a book, watching your favourite movie or just spending time with family and friends. The most important thing to do now is to rest your body and your mind!