Tried and Tested, February 2014



Wintergreen Ice Spray

a commentator on several trail running stage races, I have seen plenty of
tired, sore runners stop for a spray and rub at the Wintergreen Ice station,
because this product is that good. We all know that icing of muscles and joints
has long been advised to help reduce swelling and joint inflammation, so what
better to spray onto sore legs when you’re taking strain in a hard run up a
mountain? Added to that, the minty smell really makes runners perk up. So, the
other day when I was struggling with my calf, I whipped out the Ice Spray,
rubbed the offending muscle a wee bit, and soon I felt good to go again. Another
great idea is to spray it on after a run, to give your muscles an instant
soothing cool-down. – Sean Falconer


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Rush Endurance Bar or
Training Bar

Ican warriors ate the maca root for stamina. In Born to Run, chia seeds are hailed as the food of choice if
stranded on a desert island. And the Amazonian camu camu fruit is
extraordinarily high in vitamin C. RUSH endurance bars contain all three, added
to Spirulina and Quinoa and other high-fibre, low GI ingredients for a natural
boost that will help you perform better in your chosen sport. The bars make an ideal
snack on the go – easy to chew, but the dates, almonds and gluten-free oats
also provide a satisfying crunch! It’s not sickly sweet, and it’s free of eggs,
dairy, wheat, gluten, preservatives and refined sugar, thus giving your body
and mind an extremely healthy option to fuel your sport. Also available in a
Training Bar that is slightly higher in fibre and protein. – Lauren van der Vyver


GET IT: R150 for a
box of 10 bars at (See page 31 for more details about
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K-Way Kamit Moistre-Manager Tee

All right, I will admit it, I was first drawn to the Kamit by its colour
– just love this blue! But once I had it on and was running in it, I saw
exactly why K-Way-sponsored trail running star AJ Calitz raves about this
shirt, both for training and racing. The moisture-wicking properties are very
effective in keeping you dry and comfy, but then you add the Cool Touch
microfibre technology that actually slows the speed at which the fabric heats
up, thus keeping you cooler for longer. Yes, you will still get hot, but I
definitely feel cooler for longer in this shirt. Also, since I am not exactly
the tallest, most visible runner, I always appreciate reflective logo
detailing, so that I feel more visible and safer when it gets darker and I am
still out running. – Sean Falconer


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Cape Union Mart stores. More info at



Tom Cottrell’s Cyclists’ Guide 2014

As a keen cyclist, I love
paging through the Cyclists’ Guide, because it shows you all the route
profiles, so that you know what to expect on your races, which allows you to
plan ahead, not only in terms of racing strategy, but also feeding strategy. It
really is a very informative book, and one that I simply cannot do without each
year – I now have the latest one on my desk and the previous five on the
bookshelf! Also, as somebody who been mostly a roadie up till now, I appreciate
that the road and mountain biking races are split per province, making the
guide easier to use… but that said, I have just started mountain-biking, so
being able to find the beginner-friendly courses is a real bonus for me. – Nicole De Villiers


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