Running Free

The Unogwaja Challenge



Nickname: SeaBiscuit

Age: 26

Self-given Unogwaja Title: Coach


About me: I am a Maths
and IT teacher from Cape Town. My chosen sport is running because I have long
legs and it’s an amazing characteristic given to me by God! I love running and
am a RedSocker for life. The treatiest thing about me is that I talk a lot and
I am very sociable. The words I live by are “Your life is your message to the
world. Make it inspiring.” (Lorrin L. Lee) and “It’s hard to beat someone that
never gives up.”



To complete the Unogwaja Challenge in 2013.

To obtain a 100% pass for my Grade 9 register class.

To inspire and motivate people to pursue their dreams.


Charity I support: Wildlands –
SMS race 678 to 42030 to donate R30
to AJ’s cause.



Nickname: Grant
(Creative, I know)

Age: 33

Self-given Unogwaja Title: A ‘mere’


About me: I am a
chiropractor in private practice from Durban. My main sports are running,
cycling and swimming because endurance sport allows me to eat anything I want!
I have learnt to take life in my stride with a smile, and I try to have a balanced
life. The words I live by are “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do
small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa) and “Is what you’re doing today
getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?”



To complete the Hillcrest Marathon in a time of sub-3:20.

To survive, enjoy and get inspired by finishing the
Unogwaja Challenge 2013.

To finish Comrades and get my green number!

To complete Ironman in 2014.


Charity I support: The
Community Chest – SMS race 655 to
42030 to donate R30 to Grant’s cause.



Nickname: GI (Gee Eye)

Age: 34

Self-given Unogwaja Title: Vice


About me: I am a
documentary filmmaker from Durban. My main sport is adventure racing because I
take comfort in knowing my body and how far I can push it. I am an ordinary
person determined to make an extraordinary difference in my own life, and
thereby hopefully inspire others. The treatiest thing about me is I am
stubborn! I will not pack it in until I achieve the goal I set out for myself.
The words I live by are “Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy” and
“Health, mobility and vitality are not gifts to be squandered on the couch.”



To inspire.

To maximise.

To push boundaries.

To tear down society’s preconceived limitations.

To laugh.


Charity I support: The Community Chest – SMS race 680 to 42030 to donate R30 to
David’s cause.


Nickname: MichI

Age: 31

Self-given Unogwaja Title: NewBee


About me: I work at
my family’s business in Johannesburg. My main sports are swimming, cycling,
running and water-skiing, because they makes me feel so alive and that
anything’s possible. I love laughing, sport and holidays at the sea, and I
can’t go a day without tea and chocolate. The treatiest thing about me is that
I am always keen for a new adventure. Thewords I live by are “There is no
passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are
capable of living.” (Nelson Mandela) and “There is always time to drink
champagne and dance on the table!”



Unogwaja Challenge 2013.

Comrades Marathon.


Charity I support: Starfish –
SMS race 718 to 42020 to donate R30
to Michelle’s cause.