Long Live the King!

Magical Motivation



It’s a combination of things that
motivate me to push as hard as I do – from an illness that changed my life
forever, to the people, past and present, who have influenced me in numerous
ways. When I was much younger, I looked up to my sister who was a Springbok
swimmer. At school, I took up gymnastics and swimming, which I think was the
beginning of my drive in sport, and it definitely instilled the discipline
required to achieve all the things I have!



I remember getting into running
after I met Monika Kraushaar when I signed up for my first Adventure Boot Camp
class. We ran our first 10km at the RAC 10km and inspired each other to take
our running a step further. Monika went onto Comrades and climbing Kilimanjaro,
after overcoming some serious injuries along the way, and it motivated me to be
better. I don’t think I have ever met such a strong-willed individual.


It was a harder path for me. In
2010, I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my wrist, which
forced me to look at my life differently and make some radical changes in order
to manage the condition. The chronic disease causes swelling, severe pain and
changes in the skin. It took a while to be diagnosed properly and there were
little things I couldn’t do – like a job in an office with a computer! That was
a real low point in my life, but after a while, after getting out on the road
again, I figured that I needed to be strong. There was nothing wrong with my
legs, and I was motivated to do the rehab for my wrist, and at that point my
mind took over. I ran, ate healthily and meditated, and I knew that this
illness could give me the opportunity to give back to others in the fitness
lifestyle I adored.



So I took the brave leap from the
corporate world to start my own Adventure Boot Camp franchise. I remember going
through the training as a franchisee and I couldn’t even manage a push-up! But
I had a strong mind and I remain grateful for the opportunity that was given to
me. I was always scared to do personal training, but I knew that I could
motivate people and myself. After all, exercise was my number one passion.
Despite having a hand that stuck out like a claw, leaving me unable to do
anything that meant using my left arm and wrist, I remained positive.


I believe that being a great
motivator is a gift that some people are born with, but it is a quality that
can also be honed if one is doing something that you are truly passionate
about. That’s me! I followed what I wanted to in life and after three-and-a-half
years, I’ve established two camps in Norwood and Illovo in Johannesburg. The
real challenge now is to change it up for the current members, keeping classes
fun and fresh. A lot of people come to class after a long day, so I like
motivating them to better themselves.


As for me? I’m planning to run my
first marathon soon, and want to take some Boot Camp members through with me. I
suffered a split cartilage in my knee at the Old Ed’s 21km, so I’ve been out
for a bit, but I’m ready to come back fighting again!

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