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Luna Mono Sandals 

these may look like flip-flops meant for beach holidays, the Mono (Monkey in Spanish) is actually a versatile
shoe that can be used for road and trail running. It has a light, flexible Vibram outsole and
non-slip leather footbed for a combined thickness of 12mm, which allows enough traction and protection for rocky
trails. The ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces and elasticised heel strap
provide a snug fit, but also that lovely feeling of fresh air between your
toes! I found the sandals
light and supportive, but was more aware of
each step compared to my normal running shoes, so I
wouldn’t recommend the Mono for your next marathon – but they’re great for shorter
distances. – Lauren van der Vyver

THEM: R1050 from www.thebarefootrunner.co.za

(free shipping to major cities).


TECHNIblock Sun Protection Spray

This South African company was one of the first in the
world to produce an aerosol sunscreen in the early 90s and now offers various
sprays from SPF15 to over 50, in various sized tins from 125ml to 340ml, and
all offering both UVA and UVB protection to prevent sunburn, cell damage and
premature aging. Being transparent and non-greasy, the spray is so easy to
apply, even to hairy arms and legs like mine, with just a bit of rubbing
required to ensure full coverage. And if, like me, you hate that ghostly white
look once you’ve applied sunscreen, you’ll love this product! Another bonus is
that these sprays are easy to apply to your head if you have somewhat less hair
than before – as I unfortunately do! – Sean Falconer

GET IT: R189 (340ml, SPF 30), R214 (340ml, SPF 50+) at
Dis-Chem, selected Clicks stores and other independent pharmacies.

The Cow Bar

The Cow Bar forms part of the product range from
MOOTRITION™, a range of quality food energy products sold to raise funds for CHOC
Haematology Oncology Clinics), which plays a key role in providing care for
children in SA diagnosed with cancer. The cereal food energy bars come in three
flavours: Apple cinnamon, choc peanut butter or banana nut – my favourite is
the choc peanut butter – and I found them rather tasty, plus it felt like I had
a bit more energy on my morning runs when I had one for a pre-run snack. These
bars are quite ‘chewy,’ so I found it best to eat them during a run or bike
ride once they had warmed up a bit and were easier to chew.
Craig van der Westhuizen

per bar, sold in boxes of 10. Place o
rders with daisy@thecows.co.za

adidas adistar Boost

 Adidas rolled out its springy new Boost
midsole material end of last year and is now carrying it through to other shoes
in its range. This lightweight model mixes the new material and adi’s independent
Formotion crash-pad on the outer side of the heel with a section of traditional,
firmer foam on the inner side of the midsole, so you get a super-springy,
cushioned landing and boosted toe-off, but with that stable feeling on the
inner side of the shoe that really kicks in as you get tired later in a run and
your feet start pronating a bit more. Having run in the original Boost, I found
the new shoe even more springy, which I absolutely loved. I was positively
bouncing down the road!
– Sean Falconer

GET THEM: R1299 at adidas concept stores and select sports