Matters of the Heart

Journey of the Heart


Nickname: Basutoland Pony
Age: 30
Self-given Unogwaja Title: Mr. ShoOops

About me: I am self-employed and from Cape Town. I follow my heart because it has led me to experiences that I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. I am on a mission to spread the shoOops! all over the world! Grab yourself a pair of red socks, say shoooOooops and you will get the vibe! The treatiest thing about me is I have worked as a doctor before, without ever studying.


  • To meet Barack Obama and to tell him about how I dreamt of him addressing millions in Washington DC wearing his red socks and giving a shoOops!
  • To act in a romantic comedy feature film like Notting Hill in a ‘Hugh Grantesque’ role.
  • To sing and play the guitar in front of an audience.
  • To create the most epic flashmob uniting people from all over with little/no budget and just pure passion – and in doing so get a part in the next Step Up movie.
  • To keep striving to make the Unogwaja Challenge the most unique biathlon in the world, and above all else: Never give up on following my heart!

Charity I support: The Pink Drive – SMS “race 666” to 42030 to donate to John’s cause.


Nickname: Pope
Age: 38
Self-given Unogwaja Title: Comrades Ambassador – Portugal


About me: I am an economist from Portugal and have been working in investment banking for over 13 years. My main sport is running, through which I can inspire and help others. I am also a Comrades Marathon ambassador for Portugal and the proud owner of a Comrades Green Number. The treatiest thing about me is that I have helped raise over 350 000 euros for charity since 1999.



•  Have a blast at the Unogwaja Challenge 2013.

•  Run across my home country of Portugal for charity in 2013.


Charity I support: The Sports Trust – SMS “race 651” to 42030 to donate to Tiago’s cause.



Nickname: SSG (Super Sunshine Girl)

Age: 31

Self-given Unogwaja Title: Minister of Enthusiasm (MOE)


About me: I am a Diabetes Educator from Johannesburg and my sports are swimming, biking and running. When I’m on the bike and feel the wind rushing by and when I feel the road below my feet, for that time life is bliss! I am bright and bubbly and love sports and the outdoors. I love to inspire and create joy for others, and see opportunity in everything. The treatiest thing about me is my smile and sunshine attitude.



•  Unogwaja Challenge 2013.

•  Ironman 2013.

•  Extreme Dodo trail run.

•  Single speed SA Champs.

•  Inspire people and do things that create joy.


Charity I support: World Vision – SMS “race 670” to 42030 to donate to Bev’s cause.



Nickname: The Shy Guy

Age: 32

Self-given Unogwaja Title: Governer


About me: I am a self-employed retailer from Pretoria and my main sport is running. I believe that if you run, you are a runner! Doesn’t matter how fast or far. No test to pass, no license to earn! You just run. I’m also into Foo Fighters and am an Aston Villa fan! The treatiest thing about me is I have a good habit of putting everyone else first and then only worrying about myself… and I wear red socks on Fridays, too.



•  To cover Ptown (Pretoria) in Red Socks every Friday.

•  Unogwaja Challenge 2013.

•  Comrades 2013.

•  Two Ocean Ultra under 5:15.

•  Run a sub-3:45 marathon.


Charity I support: World Vision – SMS “race 664” to 42020 to donate to Joff’s cause.




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