Keeping the Rhinos

Banish the Bounce!


says that women shouldn’t rush a sports bra purchase. “The key to choosing and
fitting a sports bra is function and comfort. You wouldn’t run in Stilettos
would you?” Says Stephen. Stephen claims that many women walk into a store and
think they know their size when in fact there are many things to take into

Ladies this is what you should look
out for! – Stephen van Niekerk:

sure there is Rigid fabric in the
cups and a strong shoulder straps
with little to no movement. This is where your support stems from.


To ensure moisture
choose a microfiber or technical fabric with great moisture management. If you
keep your skin dry you will reduce friction and increase comfort.


your bra on before you buy it and do the
bounce test
(requires jumping in the change room). You will know
immediately if the bra is going to give you the support you need.


should be ‘no spillage!’ Sports bras
are meant to be snug not restrictive or tight.
If you have spillage, It’s likely too small. There should not be a cleavage
either, as this suggests that it is too tight.


you are on a weight loss program or training for a marathon it is good to get a
bra with an adjustable strap at the back as you will most likely need to
tighten it later on.


check to see that the back strap is level on your back. If it arches up, it is likely
too small, if it droops down then it is too big.


straps must be adjustable. This allows you not only to get the correct length
over the shoulder but it helps fit the cup correctly. If you have any kind of
fabric puckering in the cup you may need to adjust the shoulder strap, but not
so tight that it pulls the back strap up.


needs to be a good ‘under bust contact.’
Many ladies complain about chaffing under their bust. There are many causes for
this: Poor moisture management, an under bust band that collapses (folds over),
poor elasticity under bust band offering little contact with the skin. Your bra
should move with your body and NOT you with it.





What do you look for when
shopping for sports bras?

Mpho Sello: Favourite
brand is Shock Absober!
What I look for: Comfortable straps, simple fastening mechanism, no fancy
clasps that are likely to break and hard to find. No wiring.

Connie De Villiers Blom:  We cannot find a “A” cup sports bra

Ellie Courts Seamless (or
as few as possible) and with no fasteners. This helps to prevent chafing when
wearing a hydration pack. I prefer FALKE

Lauren Paterson Under Armour
make a stunning br! No chafing at Comrades this year- what a win! Supportive,
comfortable and awesome colours too.

Natasha Erica Papini Support and
adjustable straps! I hate wearing a pretty running top and having thick straps
sticking out and ruining it

Jennifer Joynt Lots of
support I use shock absorber the one with the figure 8 that is advertised
especially for us fuller breasted runners. There aren’t many brands that make
comfortable full support