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Time Manage to Manage Training


Jo-Ann van Aswegen

Massage Therapist, Wife and New Mom


triathlete Jo-Ann lives in Colorado in the USA with her husband Steve, and
recently gave birth to daughter Leah. “Having my daughter has definitely slowed
things down. I still have the desire to compete, but I have to mentally prepare
myself, because it is not about winning anymore, but about setting a goal and
finishing. I usually fit in my training between 5pm and 7pm. when my husband is
on baby-sitting duty. On a nice day out I run with Leah in her jogging pram,”
says Jo-Ann, who tries to run between 5km and 10km a day.


get trickier when Steve is away from home because of his demanding job in the
US military. “So between 7pm and 10pm I run on a treadmill after I put Leah
down. I control my working hours, training time and quality hours with the
family,” says Jo-Ann.


Jo-Ann’s Top Time Tips:

Try to schedule your workout first thing in the

You only really need 30 minutes a day.

If you want a happy, healthy baby, you have to have a
healthy, happy mommy.


Amalia Uys



Best known
for her role as San-Mari in 7de Laan,
Amalia lives a busy lifestyle with a fulltime acting job, including a lead role
in the popular soapie, different roles in movies, as well as theatre
productions. “My working hours vary, so I don’t finish at the same time
everyday. Depending on how many scenes I have a day, I often go for castings or
publicity shoots in between. I tend to be a night owl, so I try and fit my
exercise in then. My favourite exercise is dancing and recently I really
started enjoying the super circuit. When I am pressed for time, I will fit a
20-minute run into my schedule.”


Amalia’s Top Time Tips:

Exercise as early as possible in the day so
you can relax about it.

Train with a friend or your partner – time
passes quicker and you can motivate one another.

If your time is limited, go for a 20-minute


Sarah-jane Horscroft

Engineer and Mom


entered the Modern Athlete Dare to
Tri Challenge last year as a complete novice and just a year later she jetted
off to the World Triathlon Champs in New Zealand! She has an extremely
demanding lifestyle catering to her family’s needs, her job as well as fitting
in training. “I usually wake up at 4:35am for a spin or swim session, and I
have to be home by 6:10 so I can get ready for work and get my girls to two
different schools.”


have a half-day flexible job and afternoons are spent picking up the girls and
taking them to their extra-murals or home. I usually manage two to three
afternoon runs of an hour each whilst the girls are doing their extra-murals.”


Sarah-jane’s Top Time

Pick a race four to six months away and make
it your focus for getting fit.

Have a clear programme. This takes away the
thinking and the space for excuses.

Use the time you have when your kids have
extra-mural activities. Don’t shop or read a magazine!