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Get the BASE-ics Right


The key to winter running dressing, especially with
your upper body, is layering, using two to three lightweight layers. Not only
do layers trap body heat, but sweat is wicked away from your first layer to
your outer layers, and then evaporates, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable.
Therefore, the layer closest to your body, the base layer, should be made from
a synthetic wicking material, like polyester or polypropylene – make sure not
to wear a cotton base, because once it gets wet, you stay wet! (Wool can also
work as a base material, because it absorbs the moisture vapour generated
between your skin and the fabric as you sweat, but keeps you warmer than cotton
when wet.) Here then are a few base layers we recommend you try.


First Ascent Thermal
Long Sleeve Top

This polyester-based top has bamboo
interwoven into the mix, because it provides lightweight, soft and comfortable
clothing that not only aids in moving moisture away from your skin, but also
offers natural anti-bacterial properties that reduce odours. A nice feature is
the extended back-length to stop the cold getting to the small of the back.

at First Ascent stockists – see www.firsta for more info.


First Ascent Derma-Tec Base Layer

Made from Derma-Tec, a super-stretchy
polypropolyne/nylon combination, the most noticeable feature of this top is its
Body Mapping Technology (BMT) panels on the front, back and arms, which have a
different knit in key areas to allow more freedom of movement as well as better
breathability. The Derma-Tec also offers great anti-odour benefits.

at First Ascent stockists – see www.firsta for more info.


Hi-Tec Calipso Base Layer

This top uses advanced Dry-Tech fabric made from
nylon and polyester to keep in the maximum amount of heat while moving moisture
away from the skin, and adding minimum weight. Extra-breathable panels are
added below the armpits, as well as on the upper chest and tops of the arms and
shoulders, to promote extra ventilation and drying on the move.

at Sportsmans Warehouse, Cape
Mart, Outdoor
Warehouse, Athlete’s Foot


Hi-Tec Herman Base Layer

The Coolmax
fabric used here is a blend of polyster, nylon and elastan, giving you a
body-hugging fit with superior moisture-wicking properties. Added to the mix
are panels using a different, ever so slightly looser knit pattern, included to
allow a bit more freedom of movement in key areas that an active person may
need it in, hence the funky patterning.

at Sportsmans Warehouse, Cape
Mart, Outdoor
Warehouse, Athlete’s Foot


Icebreaker 200
Lightweight LS Sprint Crewe

This technical base layer is made from superfine wool of the merino, a
mountain sheep that lives in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Combined with
lycra to give the top structure and elasticity, this gives you a quick-drying,
easy-breathing and odour-resistant material for your base, and a silky smooth, hugging,
warming fit.

at Drifters stores – see www.d for more info.



 Get-You-Going Brekkie!


To start your
morning on the right foot, there’s a new breakfast that will take you the
distance. Biogen Energy Porridge – Instant Energy Meal is a delicious
new fortified maize product, available in vanilla and chocolate, that gives you
sustained energy throughout your morning. It’s also appetising and will keep your
blood sugar levels stable. It is lactose- and gluten-free, contains dietary
fibre, and has been fortified to provide 100% of the recommended daily intakes
of all vitamins.


It is often
said that “healthy doesn’t always taste so great, but it has to be eaten.” Well,
Biogen Energy Porridge dispels this myth, as it gives you something to actually
look forward to when you wake up in the mornings! The whole Modern Athlete team gave it the taste
test and found both flavours delicious. It mixes well, and you can eat it warm
or cold, or even make a smoothie with it.


at Dis-Chem stores.