Take on the 5150 Tri, Part 2


I am pleased that you
took up the 5150 Triathlon Challenge!
I trust
the training has gone well and you will finish the first five weeks of the
programme towards the end of June. You would have developed a reasonable base
and should be up to eight sessions in week five of the training. For a standard
triathlon (
swim, 40km bike and 10km run),
my rule of thumb is
to train two to three times for each sport per week. We started with two of
each and now build up to three of each during the peak weeks. Distances per
week should be two to four times your race distance, aiming to swim 3 to 6km,
bike 80 to 160km and run 20 to 40km per week. Peak training should be during
weeks 6 to 8.


I always recommend at least one complete rest day
away from all training and a second rest day can be taken when we are at peak
training before the weekend’s tough double sessions and bricks. You need this
for both mind and body, and being rested before the harder weekend sessions
will allow you to achieve more from these sessions. I have scheduled the rest
day for Mondays, however the programme is only a guide, so feel free to change
sessions to suit your own needs, but stick to follow the basic principles


your training, and see you at Bela Bela start line in August!
Visit www.5150.co.za to
enter and book your accommodation.

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