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Miss SA Wants to RUN!


been crowned Miss South Africa last December, Melinda Bam is now halfway
through a packed year of events, functions, launches, benefits and ceremonies,
and all the duties that go with being an ambassador for your country. While she
says she is having a wonderful time, her duties and commitments have had a
knock-on effect on her fitness training time. “I used to train twice a day,
including running, but these days I can only fit in four sessions a week, and it’s
all Pilates, Boot Camp and kick-boxing. I really want to get back into my
running,” she says.


be going to the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas in December, and I’d like to
do a few races before then, because it will not only help keep me fit and toned
for the pageant, but we will also be judged on our involvement in our
community. I’ve run races before and have done 1:56 for a half marathon. I
reckon I’m ready to take on a 10km right now, but need a bit more training
before I run my next half marathon.”



April, Melinda (22) took a day off from her hectic work schedule to attend the
autumn graduation ceremony at the University of Pretoria, where she was awarded
her B.Com Marketing degree, which she passed Cum Laude! “It’s been four years,
but it feels like just yesterday I began my life as a student. I feel so
blessed to have had the opportunity to study and can’t stress enough how important
it is to grant and take the opportunities to study. My studies and my work as a beauty queen and ambassador play equally
important roles in my life, and the two complement each other.”


this vivacious girl who used to attend classes in flip-flops made sure she
enjoyed her graduation. “When it came time to have my moment on stage, I heard
Mary Reynolds’ words she whispered in my ear at the Miss SA crowning, ‘stop
hopping and be a lady,’ but I just couldn’t help doing my version of a victory dance
at the end. I have learnt over the years that you are responsible for making
your life enjoyable in every moment you find yourself in!”



During her year-long reign, Melinda is focusing on
helping the Thuthuzela and Banakekeleni Foundation in Alexandra.
“I believe
that I have the motivation, ambition and confidence to become an inspirational
ambassador to the youth of South Africa.” She was also at the Comrades Marathon
Expo and race in June to help promote the Amabeadiebeadie charity fundraising
drive, and took the opportunity to interact with the running community.


she went, people asked to have their picture taken with her – including the
author – and she obliged them all, not only smiling for the cameras, but also
taking the time to chat to the people she met. It showed that she is really
just a down-to-earth, caring girl-next-door who happens to also be a beauty
queen. Who loves running.