He Made his Mark

Carving the road to success


Louise is a busy woman! With her new single ‘How you gonna
do it’ out and frantic tour dates set all over the country to promote her
forth-coming album, its amazing how she fits in a workout and run. “Running
isn’t gym-swiping and there is no parking, it’s just you and the road. My run
means I can let the dust settle on decisions and just relax,” she says.


Breathing easier


At an early age, Louise spent four times a year in hospital
with asthma problems. As seasons changed, she would get sick with respiratory
problems but it didn’t get her down. She started horse-riding at a young age,
then running and swimming. “I have never been a team sports kind of person.
That’s what I like about running – I’m on my own, I put my iPod on and just
go!  I can get away from work and
people,” she says.

Out on a run, Louise always carries her trusty asthma pump
in case of emergency because while she has managed the condition, she feels it
more on a run. She runs about 6km four days a week around her neighbourhood
near Delta Park
in Johannesburg.
“When I run, I listen to my body and breathing and I feel more secure if I’m
carrying my pump but I’m usually fine! I even did a 5km time trial with some
friends a while back and skipped through it! I think the massive uphills on my
own route helped me!”


Living the lifestyle


While touring and travelling, Louise still maintains a
healthy diet which she explains is difficult having a weakness for chocolate
and being surrounded by different artists! “The other artists at gigs eat junk
or fast food but I remain conscious of what I eat. I always ask staff for a
vegetarian option to stay on the right path – even though they bring me fries!”

For her morning start, Louise believes in a good breakfast to get her day
started with a bowl of oats, almonds and honey. “It grounds me and gets my
metabolism going. It’s important for me to eat right. I chose this lifestyle
and I enjoy it and people who want to see results should adapt their lifestyle
for the rest of their lives!”


Making music


When Louise was just a two-year-old, she’d start singing at
the top of her lungs and by the time she was 10 she was writing her own music.
At age 15, she did opera training and was signed by a music label shortly
after. “Music chose me. I always knew I’d be making music. I was the woman who
wasn’t fantasizing about her wedding day – I was dreaming about performing on


Louise’s music can be described as both melodic and edgy as
well as conquering the pop and electronic genre. Her new single ‘How you gonna
do it’ off her forthcoming album is different to her previous work as the
lyrics are both haunting and introspective, “My new stuff is dark. As a writer,
I like to point out the imperfections. It’s an organic electronic sound. I
couldn’t restrain myself any longer and the single shows how I’m following my
gut more,” she explains.


Louise is also planning several tours countrywide to promote
her album, single and play some of the old favourites!


Handling it all


It’s a wonder Louise leads a healthy lifestyle but she
manages to share her advice to those who say there’s no time to exercise. “The
key to handling it is to be decisive. Don’t think ‘Should I or shouldn’t I go
out on a run?’ Just do it! If I don’t have time, I still workout – even if it’s
forty-five minutes,” she says.


With her new album just months away and keeping her music on
top of the charts, Louise keeps running to improve her fitness and health. “It
makes me re-connect with my body because often I’m so often in my head!”


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