Running for Lewis

On the Road to Triumph


Becoming a marathon runner in three months is
a tough ask, but with the right preparation and gear, it can be done.
White, Sammy-Jane Thom, Saret van de Walt, Lizette Kellerman and Nele Baader,
who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, have been selected from hundreds
of applicants in response to an open invitation from the sport bra brand
Triumph to take up the Triumph Triaction challenge – first running the Old
Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon this month, followed by the Pick n Pay Knysna
Marathon in July.



None of the women have ever run more than 10km and all have followed a
rigorous training programme under the watchful eye of personal trainer, Steve
Atwell of Embark, a lifestyle coaching company, which he set up specifically to
coach and mentor beginner athletes, providing them with the confidence to
become athletes.


All five budding marathon runners have undergone an assessment at the
Sports Performance and Exercise Centre in Cape Town. This centre also provided
the women with the services of a dietician, chiropractor, podiatrist,
biokineticist and physiotherapist.


To follow
their progress, take a look at their blog at



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By Michelle Pieters

I’ve been lucky enough to keep running and swimming throughout my
pregnancy. But at close to eight months now, baby and I both felt we needed a
new challenge, so I signed up for my very first pregnancy yoga class! I’d been
to a few yoga classes before falling pregnant, but I’d never really been bitten
by the yoga bug, and I have always gone back to my faithful triathlon training.
So at my first class, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but can now with all
honesty say I’m hooked!


Prenatal Yoga is a form of yoga that takes into account the changing
needs of a woman’s body while she is pregnant. Yoga during pregnancy assists
and strengthens the muscles and joints as they change with the influx of
pregnancy hormones. You can start at any stage of your pregnancy and the
benefits are numerous: It keeps the core strong, assists you to maintain
correct posture, and can help relieve some of those pregnancy aches and pains.


During the class there is a lot of focus on the breath. I found it a
slower-paced workout than regular yoga, but it still left me challenged,
sweating and feeling a bit sore in some places the next day! Look out for a
complete article on how athletes can use yoga during pregnancy in next month’s
edition of Modern Athlete.