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Pain in the Hip

recently started running after being a cyclist for many years. On long distance
runs, I get an excruciating pain in both my hips (particularly worse on the
right side), to the point where I can hardly run any further. I am planning to
do the Two Oceans Ultra and am keen to get advice on how best to deal with this


are several causes for hip pain in runners and unfortunately you have not
provided sufficient information to localise the cause of your pain. An
evaluation of your running history, the behaviour and localisation of your pain
as well as the assessment of your lower back, hip and supporting musculature
would be required to make a definitive diagnosis. Your running shoes could also
contribute to the problem.


are several causes of hip pain in runners:

Lateral hip pain (on the outside of the hip) can
result from an inflamed bursa. This is often due to leg length differences, or
muscle strength or flexibility imbalances.

Posterior hip pain (at the back of the hip) often
results from back problems or piriformis syndrome.

Pain on the inside of the hip or in the groin area
could be as a result of actual hip joint problems or potentially a stress fracture
or inflammation of the pubic symphysis.


would suggest you see a physiotherapist who has experience in the assessment of
running injuries, or a sports physician, as the correct diagnosis is essential
in order to decide on the appropriate treatment.


Athlete Expert


Physiotherapist in Edenvale, Johannesburg. Has finished 21 Comrades, four Ironmans and two New York marathons, plus various cycling and canoeing events.



Comrades Worries

started training for Comrades in November. I am following Barry Holland’s
Bronze medal programme. However, I am only able to do about 75% of it. Firstly,
I walk at least a quarter of the distance and after four months of training I
am now also starting to feel drained mentally. I am a teacher by profession and
have 40 kids in my class. Please help! – CASSIM



you are doing 75% of the programme, you may well be fine for Comrades. If you
are walking a lot, it could mean that your sugar levels are dropping and you
should get some advice on diet, vitamin and mineral intake, and carbo-loading.
Running can work both ways with stress. On the positive side, running is a
great stress-reliever, but running when you are mentally drained is very
difficult, because it requires a great deal of mental application.


to find some balance in your life where running is a positive part of your
daily routine. Good Luck and I really hope you make the Comrades start line.


Athlete Expert


Running coach with 34 years experience and has run 39 consecutive Comrades Marathons. His PB’s include 1:17 (21.1km), 2:39:30 (42.2km) and 6:29:22 (Comrades).