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may not be the fittest girl on the block, but I am what they call the Modern
Athlete! I am a full-time mom to three gorgeous kids, I am currently going
through a very painful divorce, and have spent the last year battling my demons
to lose 21kg of post-baby weight I just never got the time to deal with. As
glum as this might all sound, I have emerged with huge motivation and a passion
for running I can’t even begin to describe!


decided to take on the task of home schooling my children over the last four
years, which literally took all the love, compassion and dedication I had to
offer. I became so consumed with being the perfect wife and mother that I found
myself forgetting how to just be me.



reluctantly joined an outdoor fitness programme called Adventure Boot Camp (ABC)
after promising a friend I would, and remember thinking I would never make it past
day one. After a few weeks of consistent exercise, I quickly realised there was
hope for me after all and began to put myself back together.


now been one year since I joined ABC and the results are phenomenal. I weigh
21kg less, have lost 130cm from my entire body and am finally back to where I
started before having my children. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s easy,
because it’s not. It takes hard work and dedication waking up every morning at
4:30 to exercise and always watch what you eat. During my year of awakening, I
have also discovered a new passion for trail running.


through a divorce is very difficult, but with the support of the women in my
boot camp and with regular exercise, I now have balance in my life. I bought a
promise ring to remind myself I need to take my goals into consideration with every
decision I make. I now have one hour every day that is all mine. This is
something all women should strive to achieve if they want to be balanced, happy
and healthy.


advice to other women struggling to find out who they are, or who want to have
some time in the day to just be, start by making consistent small changes: They
can make a huge difference over time. And believe in yourself, even if no-one
else does!


more info on ABC, go to
Entries for the 2012 Adventure Boot Camp Challenge open for Cape Town participants on 15 March. There are
big prizes to be won, but most importantly, a healthy lifestyle change is
awaiting you.