Set Some Goals

Get your heart racing


romance month, it’s easy to eat your heart-shaped chocolates and wind down with
your partner over a glass of champagne, but running and getting fit together
can be a great way to spice up your relationship. It’s also a great way to
spend time together, set joint goals and share a hobby.

But while
running with your partner can give you two some quality time together in
between frantic schedules, you need to think about some ground rules – especially
if you’re a runner and your partner isn’t! Consider the following to ensure
that loving relationship stays loving long after the run:

up can give you a driving force to keep going, but remember you have to run at
your own pace. If you are the stronger runner, don’t compromise your tempo.
Stretch and start the run together, but if you feel you need to drop back just
to run next to your partner, tell your partner from the start you’re going
ahead on your own. Don’t just drop him halfway. Rather meet him later on in the
run for a cool-down and stretch. Don’t pull away too much though – you’re still
sharing the occasion together.

a new relationship, it’s easy to show-off and flaunt your fitness levels.
Chances are, both of you will know who the stronger runner is and there’s no
reason why you should prove yourself. Don’t play catch-up if you can’t catch
your breath. The point is never to race – you’re partners, not opponents.

make the most of your time spent together running, enter a race together. Choose
races that both of you are interested in and train together leading up to it.
During the race, don’t be afraid to tell your partner you’re running ahead or
slowing down. Also, in the running world, a couple that celebrate their finish
will keep their relationship racing.

important to always commemorate and praise your partner so that running
together can remain enjoyable.


Running with
someone special can be uplifting – just don’t run from the idea. Besides, you
can’t outrun Cupid!


force running on them if they’re new to the sport – take it easy on runs so you
can enjoy being with each other. Tell him it would be great sharing hobbies to
make your relationship exciting. Give back and share in on some of his hobbies,

your loved one isn’t a runner, maybe he loves cycling? While you run, he can
cycle with you. That way you won’t compromise your speed and he’ll always be by
your side.

your partner about starting a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. The best
way to start is if you share it with someone. That way, you’ll have encouragement
every step of the way.

your goals with each other. Tell your partner what you want to achieve out of
running and hear what he has to say. If you both aim to finish a race, then
train, communicate and do it together!