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Your own point-of-view


The HD HERO2 was made with people like you and me as well as professional photographers in mind. The 11 megapixel, high-definition camera comes standard with a waterproof housing and a whole host of mounts, straps and arms so you can mount it almost anywhere you want on a run, bike or even swim.

Included in the standard package is a helmet and head strap, a three way pivot arm and several sticky mounts. These mounts give you the actual point-of-view you experience during your ride or run, and you’ll be amazed how many things you miss while out on the road. It makes you wonder how alert you really are when you’re on the road. In terms of comfort, the helmet mount makes your helmet a bit heavier and it feels like it might just slip over your eyes, but it never happened when we tested the unit. When you get used to the extra weight, it shouldn’t bother you any more.

GoPro also supplied me with an extremely comfortable chest mount, and though I enjoyed the change of view from this mount, I think the best view will be recorded from the handlebar/seat post mount. When cycling, the view from the chest mount is mostly limited to your front wheel and a few metres in front of your bike, while the handlebar mount gives you a broader view of your environment. You can also turn the camera on the handlebar to face you, and who doesn’t want to see their own facial expressions as they’re struggling up a hill? This mount is not part of the standard package, though.

If you can insert a battery, press two buttons and know what a USB port is, Bob’s your uncle! Because the camera is so small, there isn’t space for any complicated buttons or displays. There are four different functions: One still picture at a time, continuous still pictures, delayed still shots and video. To switch between these functions, all you need to do is press the button on the front of the camera and look at the display, it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

You only need some technological know-how if you want to edit your video footage but it really isn’t rocket science. Whether you have the most basic of editing programmes like Windows Movie Maker or more advanced software, the camera is compatible with most editing programmes. It shoots in MP4 mode which gives you high definition footage every time so you can upload your video to the internet to show disbelieving colleagues what you got up to during the weekend.

Yes! The GoPro HD HERO2 Camera is a nifty accessory. It’s easy to operate and has the potential to capture priceless moments for the rest of the world to see. It probably won’t improve your PB, but it can make workouts more fun, as you try to make that video just a little more interesting and maybe take the route less travelled. If not that, the motivation to play with it could just get you hitting the trails or the road more often.

The GoPro HD HERO 2 is available from most sport and outdoor shops.
RRP: R3999 – does not include chest or handlebar mount, or memory card.