CEO Cyclist

Set Some Goals


Ever since I started running some eight years ago, I’ve enjoyed the sport so much and always will. But in order to get more out of the sport, you need to set yourself reasonable goals, and to achieve them, you need a training programme that will work for you.

I asked running friends which programme to use and every time one sentence popped up: “Try Dave Spence’s programme”. So I did, and from day one I knew that apart from hard work, perseverance and self-belief, you have to trust the programme you use.

After a silver at my very first Two Oceans Ultra in 2006, I thanked the late Dave, who was so grateful for the feedback that his programme worked for me. Every year I still set myself goals, and when I achieve them, the memory of Dave lives on. Thank you, Dave, for leaving us with so much of your knowledge to help us achieve our goals. – PAUL CONRADIE

Hooked on Running
I ran my first ever race last night! Bit miffed, ‘cause I didn’t win, but hey, I didn’t come last either. At first I was a bit nervous, as I only made the decision to run in the afternoon after Linda from Boksburg Athletic Club suggested I run. (Thank you, Linda, I am so glad I took your advice.) Just before leaving for the race, my son-in-law, Mark, said he would run with me, and that made everything a tad more exciting and enjoyable. Thank you, Mark.

When we got to Benoni Northerns, the atmosphere was electric. All the officials were friendly and so were the athletes, especially the Boksburg athletes who made me feel like one of the ‘family’. At the start we ended up somewhere in the middle of the group. If I had known there were so many good-looking chicks that run, I would have started 50 years ago!

The start was slow and I walked for a few minutes before I embarked on my jog, walk, stumble style of what I euphemistically call running. I was drawn along by the crowd and ran longer than I normally do before entering the stumbling stage. I was enjoying everything so much that I even forgot to breathe heavily.

Mark had gone ahead – I don’t think he can run as slowly as I do, it is a real art! Coming onto the field at the finish was just as exciting, with all the lights, people shouting and knowing that I was participating and not just a spectator.

Well, I am more than hooked on running now. I just wish I had much bigger lungs and stronger legs, but they will come! – IAN, a 68-year-old cancer survivor who climbed Kilimanjaro two years ago, after 3? years of cancer treatment.

Roll on Two Oceans!
I started running at the beginning of this year. At first it was a minute running and  five minutes of walking until I finished my ‘block.’ Gradually I improved and then started a 10km running programme.

When my hubby ran the 2011 Two Oceans Half Marathon, I did the 5km Fun Run and made it my goal to run the Two Oceans Half in 2012. I have since done twelve 10km races. Two weeks ago I started a 21km training programme and today I entered the Two Oceans Half Marathon.

I’m seeded in group E, but who cares, I’m actually going to be doing it, and of course, I just had to order the T-shirt so I can say “been there, done that, got the T-shirt.” However, this won’t be my last Two Oceans Half, although I’m pretty sure I will never do the Ultra. (Note the ‘pretty sure.’) – CAROL WARD, BOTHASIG