Himalayan High

Participate, don’t procrastinate


Life is interesting, exciting and fulfilling, but short. It is in our own interest to pack as much as we possibly can into it. I realised this after fighting cancer for a number of years. In the fourth year of my fight I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and now in my sixth year, at age 68, I am going to run the Comrades Marathon. How exciting for me!

I’ve realised you can do whatever you truly want to do, but how many of us truly want to achieve and savour life to the full? Do not allow yourself to waste the precious gift of life. Toss the couch potato lifestyle and live! As your great mag clearly shows, whatever your age, whatever your circumstances, whatever your infirmity, anything you really want to do, you will!

Do it today if you truly want to experience what great things God has in store for you. – IAN

A gem in the Karoo

This year we finally made the long trip from Bothaville to the Karoo Ultra in Laingsburg. The great scenery and local support on the route really made it special. At times it felt like I was running into the future, surrounded by perfect scenery, open space and winding road in the oh so green Karoo this year.

On my way back to Laingsburg, three boys and their dog accompanied me, and did they run! I was feeling strong and really moved on, and they stuck with it. At some point the one smaller child started coughing and I suggested he rather walk, for fear of them getting sick. The bigger one kept running with me, and the dog was so obedient, I was impressed. Dog and owner finally succumbed to the long run, after almost 10km! Real local support.

My only regret is, why did I wait so long to come experience this gem? The trip and the race were great!

Thanks for your great magazine. – MARINDA LUDICK

Put it in the bin!

I love my running and really enjoy the races and getting a medal at the finish. I realise as a runner that during a race, water sachets, GU sachets, etc. get thrown down in the road near the refreshment stations to be picked up later. What really disturbed me was what I saw at the end of the Old Mutual 10km race I did recently.

All over the grass at the finish were discarded medal packets (and other assorted rubbish) from people who opened their medals and just threw the packet on the ground. Come on people, runners are not pigs… if I can throw my rubbish in a bin, or take it home when I can’t find a bin, then it’s not that difficult, why can’t everyone else do it, too? – CAROL WARD, BOTHASIG