Rock your Body


Zuzana Light has become an online fitness phenomenon since she and her husband Frederick started their daily workout blog, BodyRock.Tv. Their workouts are quick, intense, effective and extremely popular. With more than 100 000 fans on their Facebook page, Zuzana and Freddy have become a part of thousands of people’s lives and not only inspired them to take on the BodyRock challenge, but also change their lifestyles. Zuzana is originally from the Czech Republic, but she moved to the USA when she married Frederick, who is originally from Canada.

The workouts are aimed at getting people of all walks of life into shape at home or wherever they might find themselves. According to the website, there are American soldiers who follow their programme in Afghanistan, fire-fighters do the sessions at their fire stations and flight attendants do it in their hotel rooms, so while the workouts are tough enough for a US Marine, they can also be adapted to suit the needs of the average Joe and simply tone those strategic spots.

The workouts are designed in such a way to target your whole body, not just one specific muscle group, and it never gets boring because Zuzana uploads new exercises to her website every day. She explains the exercises and shows the proper form on a video and also provides her reps so you can compare your performance with hers. She always gives easier adaptations for beginners, and though you might not think you need to start with the easier variations, I would highly recommend it!

The focus is on bodyweight exercises, so you will need minimal or no gym equipment. Every day you do a new exercise and every day a new part of your body will hurt… usually a part you never even knew existed. If you do it properly, you are most likely to start seeing a difference very soon, and if you keep at it, there will be nothing resembling flab on your bottom, hips or tummy come summer.

Most of the workouts are based on plyometric exercise that focuses on fast, powerful movements, so you will not only be toning your muscles, but also getting an intense cardio workout. A typical workout will consist of three to five different exercises that last for 30 to 50 seconds each with a 10-second rest period in between. This keeps going for 12 to 15 minutes.

Sound easy? Think again, you have to push yourself until you have nothing left, and then push some more. I never knew 12 minutes can feel this long!

The first time I watched one of Zuzana’s videos, I figured I would be able to do all the exercises and achieve more or less the same repetitions. Day one, exercise one, and I was proved wrong. It took about five seconds before I decided to leave any extra equipment out of the equation, instead focussing on lugging only my own bodyweight around. Two days after my first session I had a stiff bottom and could feel my abs, but nothing too serious.

Day two and I was better prepared mentally for what I was letting myself into. I was in and out of the gym before most people could find a spot on the spinning bikes and felt awesome after my 12 minutes of hell. Day three and I was looking forward to rocking my body for the third time. During the first exercise I felt something pull in my bottom, but a quick stretch sorted this out sufficiently to push through and finish the workout. I was off to enjoy the rest of my Friday night by 6pm.

It was only when I tried to stand up after three hours of Harry Potter that I realised I had lost the ability to walk like a human being and resembled one of those goblins I just saw in the movie. Come Saturday and my bottom was fine, but I couldn’t straighten my arms because my biceps had become so tight. For most of the weekend I avoided anything that meant I had to reach for something and struggled with half bent arms. I must confess, I even took a painkiller during the weekend when the discomfort came too close to my pain barrier.

After this ordeal I started wondering if it was worth it. Can this much pain ever justify the results? That was until a friend made a comment about my toned arms on Sunday, and in particular my biceps. Really? Results? That fast? I guess I had my answer. So I stuck to cardio on Monday and by Tuesday I was ready to rock again.

My advice, have a look at the website and decide for yourself if you want to become a BodyRocker. But if you do, start slowly. Leave the sandbags and medicine balls alone for starters. Once your own body weight is no longer a challenge, only then should you consider adding extra weight.

Though you will see results quickly, BodyRock.Tv is not a quick fix, but rather an encouraging resource to help you change your lifestyle and become a healthier you. They also provide diet challenges and you can get motivation from other BodyRockers across the world. As Zuzana says on her website: “It is not just about getting into shape, it is a lifestyle and you are training to live as the best version of you as possible.” Why wait?

Visit their website now or “Like” them on Facebook at BodyRockTv.

Why BodyRock.Tv is so popular globally:
• It only takes on average 12 to 15 minutes a day.
• You can do it anywhere.
• You don’t need any gym equipment.
• You never get bored.
• It’s free.
• Results, results, results!