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South African runners are well aware of the dangers that the African sun holds and the importance of protecting our skin against its onslaught. We all need to make sure we slap on sun protection when training! SPORTSKIN has a range of sun protection products that are designed specifically for athletes that train outdoors, with packaging specifically designed to suit athletes on the go. The SPORTSKIN SPF 40 Sun Pro Stick is smaller than a cell phone and ideal for spot application on areas such as your nose, neck and forehead. It is sweat- and water-resistant, and non-oily. Approved by CANSA, it contains anti-ageing and anti-burn ingredients. Other products in the range include the SPORTSKIN SPF 15 Lip Gear Lip Balm and the SPORTSKIN SPF 40 Pro Clear Spray.
Available at Sportsmans Warehouse or order them online at R150 for the complete SunKit containing all three products, but can also be bought separately.

Recoup tablets provide a balanced combination of essential and non-essential amino acids to assist in muscle recuperation after strenuous exercise, thus enhancing training intensity. During exercise, muscle tissue is broken down and the rate of recuperation is influenced directly by the availability and ratio of amino acids in your diet, because they serve as the building blocks of muscle protein and are essential for complete recovery. The sustained release amino acid profile of Recoup is designed to supplement dietary protein for maximum bio-availability. Recoup is also effective in maintaining muscle size and strength for optimal sports performance. The tablets are yeast-free, salt-free and contain no steroids, nor banned, dangerous or habit-forming substances. Suitable for diabetics when used as part of a balanced eating plan.
Available at Dischem, Medirite Pharmacies and other leading pharmacies.

If you’re finding your yoga sessions a bit slippery, then get your hands on the Slipstop Yoga Towel with silicone nubs. These towels are longer than most yoga mats (53cm x 180cm), and the silicone nubs on the underside of the towel ensure maximum stickiness to the yoga mat and minimal slipping. Once you distribute your weight in a yoga posture, the nubs start gripping the mat, keeping your hands or feet from slipping in mid-stretch. The towel is made from ultra-fine microfibre fabric (80% polyester / 20% polymide) to help absorb sweat – particularly useful for heated yoga! It is machine-washable, dryer-safe and available in purple and blue.
Available at Sportsman’s Warehouse for R299.95. For more info, contact

The Puma Faas Collection is a fun, innovative and technologically advanced range of running shoes. The name Faas is taken from the Jamaican word for fast, and the name fits. The shoes features a biomechanical design technology called BioRide™ that provides a naturally responsive ride, helping runners get into their own rhythm for increased speed and performance. PUMA took a look at some of the fastest athletes affiliated with the brand and studied their movement, foot placement and overall running skills. There were three proven and consistent skills that were identified as critical to top performance, and PUMA translated these elements into three categories – Rocker, Flex and Groove – that have become the cornerstones of the BioRide™ technology and the Faas shoes.

To help runners find the best Faas style to suit their needs, PUMA has assigned each style a number, ranging from 100 to 1000. The lower number models, such as the Faas 300, have less cushioning and less structure, providing a lightweight, fast-paced trainer. As the number gets higher, additional cushioning and structure is added to the shoe. The higher number shoes, like the Faas 500, are perfect everyday neutral trainers.
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