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Time Trial Review: Rocky Road Runners


Every Saturday morning at 7:30, between 25 and 40 runners meet in the parking area of Moyo’s at Zoo Lake for a weekly 5km time trial. The run starts in the parking area and takes you up a steep hill toward the tennis courts of the Zoo Lake Sports Club. You loop around the courts twice before turning down Jan Smuts Avenue towards the Zoo Lake Bowling Club. Between 2km and 4km there are some gentle climbs and downhills which allow you to fully appreciate the pretty suburbia that surrounds you.

Don’t relax too much, too soon, though! There is still one hill that takes you back to the parking area. Not an easy route, but the big, old trees that Johannesburg is known for provide welcome shade from the sun, and when you’re done, you may just feel like doing it again.

Rockies members Richard and Val Wilkinson have not missed a time trial in 25 years and say it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, they will be there to record your times. “Summer, winter, rain or sunshine, the time trial will take place. We even ran in the snow once!”

If you don’t feel like running alone or if you are looking for some running variation over the weekend, this is the time trial to try! You can even bring the dogs. It’s a wonderful start to any weekend.