Ryan makes history

Dream Job


 I followed a fairly stereotypical route after school; went to University, got a degree, started working at the age of 22 and didn’t particularly enjoy it! I changed jobs a couple of times. Having been in my current workplace (ironically a mental institute) for just over a year, I became more dissatisfied with my career. I stared at the ceiling, wondering for the hundredth time what one can do with a BSc (OT) aside from actually being an Occupational Therapist!

A while ago a friend had told me to just find out what I enjoy doing and do that. “Uh, sure, but who’s going to pay me to run?” was my cynical response. Later on, during a gruelling hill session, I realised that although it is quite unlikely that anyone will ever pay me to run – this is frequently confirmed when, at about the 28km mark of a marathon, I give myself a pat on the back for effort, only to hear that the race has been won an hour ago – but that I may still be able to incorporate my passion in my work.

So the following day I sought work at my favourite local running shop and now look forward to pursuing a career in something that has been such a great part of my life for the past 15 years. I look forward to helping someone find the perfect pair of shoes for his or his first 5km or 20th Comrades, to hearing all about Heartbreak Hill over and over and over, and to showing off my sexy runner’s feet to my new colleagues. – MELANIE DELAINEY, VARSITY KUDUS RUNNNG CLUB

Irongirl in the Making
This year has seen me doing my first 10km, first half marathon and first triathlon! It has been a road marked with injuries and disappointments, but most of all loads of new friends (the thing I love most about sport). My next goal is to complete Ironman 70.3. Thank you for your great magazine and for making it easier for us aspiring athletes to get into the sport. I have been following your 70.3 training programme and it has been great. I love the feeling of being fit and healthy. I can’t wait for 2011! The attached picture is of me doing my first triathlon in the West Coast. What an awesome event! – TANYA WEYERS