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Have Your Say


Thank you for all the great letters we get sent. You are amazing! If you would like to send us a letter regarding any topic, log on and click on the Become a Contributor link.

What about the Men?
It looks like women in this country are benefiting more from races than their male counterparts! There are no events specifically staged for men, but there are the Women’s SPAR Grand Prix series and the Totalsports Ladies Race which are aimed at encouraging female participation in the sport.

Does this mean that big corporate companies are only willing to sponsor and support events using gender as their main criteria for awarding sponsorship?

It is an undeniable fact that male runners in this country are no longer running as competitively as in earlier years. Our road running calendar is filled with smaller events which don’t attract the top male runners. Why are there still marathons which pay less than a thousand rand for first place? Do people understand that competitive athletes spend more money in their preparation phase, only to be rewarded with a mere thousand rand? How do administrators then expect to get medals at big international events?

The point I am trying to make is that sponsors such as Totalsports and SPAR should also cater for male runners to compete in male only races. Just imagine how competitive that would be! – DONALD MATHIPA

Couch Potato Turned Runner
I used to be a self-confessed couch potato. I am 38 years ‘young’, but my body was starting to feel like it was falling apart. So I joined the gym and started running. After a couple of not so great training runs I entered the 94.5KFM Gun Run, which I did yesterday. It was fantastic! I absolutely loved it from start to finish. Best of all was receiving your magazine at the registration. I have never read it before and now I am hooked; on both your magazine and on the running. Can’t wait for the next one! – MORAG SCAGELL, CAPE TOWN

Glowing Teenager
Thank you for publishing Emi’s Comrades article (My Comrades with Bruce, October 2010). You have no idea how much it meant to her! It was special to see it ‘in professional print!’ I sent a glowing teenager to school today. Guess that means that she has just earned her ticket to next year’s Comrades! Great magazine by the way! It really helps getting the whole family involved in my passion with such ‘real’ articles from all our silent supporters as well. It makes them feel a part of the team. – NICKY HORENZ, ACSIS VOB, CAPE TOWN

Thanks for the Motivation!
The club profile of Breakthru Midrand in the October edition of the Modern Athlete is fantastic. We have received great feedback from our club members. It gives a great sense of the family and friendship that has developed at the club over the years. The Breakthru Midrand committee thank you and the magazine for the opportunity to profile our club.

Thank you for a great magazine. We really look forward to reading it as it is a breath of fresh air. It makes sport so human and accessible to us all. Thanks for the motivation and keep up it up. – DUANE NEWMAN, CHAIRMAN BREAKTHRU MIDRAND STRIDERS

Keep it Up
I would like to thank you on behalf of our club for the two beautiful articles about Julie Marsden (Running: My Saving Grace) and Marius Oosthuizen (Mind Your Head!) that were part of your September issue.

We wish to compliment you on this extraordinary fine piece of work and we want you to know that every athlete loves to read your magazine every month. Keep up the good work. – HAZEL FOURIE, CHAIRPERSON STRAND ATHLETIC CLUB