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Starting Young!
I found my daughter (9) at 6:30am this morning in bed and reading the August issue of Modern Athlete! I have to wake her up for school at that time and usually she is still fast asleep. She was reading all about the guy who lost 40kg and about Farwa! You certainly had her hooked! – ELLIE COURTS, MEMBER OF CELTIC HARRIERS, CAPE TOWN

Running Alone
I was the victim of an attempted attack along the Rondebosch Common this morning (27 August) around 5:40am while running alone. I came off rather lightly with just a cut lip, a broken front tooth from biting his finger really hard and a scratchy throat from screaming, but I reckon it was this that scared him away and decided I was more trouble than I was worth.

On his way to fetch me at the Rondebosch Police Station where I then ran to report the incident, my husband noticed at least three other women also running alone on the same roads.

We really do need to be more cautious and hook up with a group when running during these early (or late) hours. I was also completely defenseless without pepper spray or any weapon of any kind. So please let’s use my experience as a reminder to be wise about the time and route of our runs, armed, vigilant and aware of our surroundings and preferably always running in a group on well-lit roads. – WENDY-JOY TIMMES, MEMBER OF CELTIC HARRIERS

Front to back, top to bottom!
Thanks a million for an excellent magazine. We have it delivered every month and my fellow club members and I read it from front to back and top to bottom! – SANDRA DEYSEL, CLUB CAPTAIN, ALPHA CENTURION RUNNERS & WALKERS

Multisport Thanks
Many thanks for your stunning article on our club in the July Modern Athlete – well written and the layout is cool. Much appreciated! I’m certain that we will get lots of enquiries. – JASPER COETZEE, NEW BALANCE MULTISPORT CLUB, CAPE TOWN

Highlight of the Month
I just want to say that your magazine is wonderful. It encompasses so much, it gives so much information about all sorts of people, of all ages, of all stages of running, and I look forward to it and enjoy it each month. – ROSALIE RICHFIELD, UCT ATHLETIC CLUB, CAPE TOWN