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Those of us who use heart rate monitors know that we need to wet the electrodes of the chest strap a little in order to establish better contact and ensure a more accurate reading. In essence, the water acts as a conductor for the electric signals passing between your heart and the strap. Now sometimes we’re about to set out on a run and there is no water nearby, so it makes sense to keep a tube of heart rate monitor gel in your kitbag or in your car. Just a small dab on the electrode and you’re ready to run. Available from Sportsmans Warehouse, R24.95 for a 50ml tube.




We love running, but probably don’t enjoy cleaning our shoes nearly as much when they get smelly or dirty. No problem, because this spray-on shoe cleaner is ideal for runners who want their running shoes to be clean and smell good. Simply spray on this foaming agent to release dirt and mud, use the handy scrubber cap to dislodge any stubborn mud (if necessary), and then wipe the shoes off with a towel. The cleaner leaves a fresh citrus fragrance, thanks to its natural d-limonene ingredient, a powerful citrus cleaner. It can be used on canvas, nylon, smooth leather and vinyl. Available from Sportsmans Warehouse, R64.95 for a 170g spray can.



Medium Control

Racerback Sports Bra

When we run we want to be comfortable, especially when it comes to crop tops and sports bras. This sports bra from FALKE is ergonomically designed and features Drynamix, a revolutionary moisture management fabric while mesh inlays optimize ventilation. Some of its best features include flat seams for a chafe-free run. The bra also has double-lined front panels for added support. Available in pink, blue, white and black (sizes S-XL). Available from selected Cape Union Mart stores, Sportsmans Warehouse and independent running shops at R125.



If you’ve strained or torn your ankle ligaments once, chances are you’ll do it again – unless you strengthen them by exercising them regularly. And there are few better ways of doing this than with a balance board. It has a flat top surface and a protruding rounded bottom, so you stand on it and try to balance, forcing your ankle ligaments to work harder to stabilise you. Better yet, get a friend to lightly push you from different sides and angles and try to maintain your balance. Also improves balance, coordination, core stability and posture. This plastic board can handle up to 100kg. Available from Sportsmans Warehouse at R149.95.