Keep Moving!

You Win Some You Lose Some


Goal: Going for Bronze (sub-11)
Result: 10:22:40

Breaking the race into three sections, what was the experience like?
Start to 30km: It was difficult because there
were so many people on the road, but after that it got better.
30km to 60km: All went smoothly up to 46km; then I found it more difficult on the uphill at Alverston.
60km to finish: I was on course for sub-10, but my wheels came off at 70km. I walked the last three kays.

What was the hardest part of the race?
The last 20km. From 70km I lost a lot of time and had to walk a lot more because my legs were tired and sore.
And the best part?
From 25km to halfway. My pace was steady and I was full of energy.

Were there times when you wanted to give up?
No. Last year I almost bailed four times, but this year I just wondered now and again what
I was doing there… again.

When did you realise that you were going to achieve your goal?
I always knew I was going to make it.

What helped you to achieve your goal?
I have run a slower second half in my last two Comrades, so I know that if I am at halfway by a certain time, then I’ll be okay.

How did you feel crossing the finish line?
It was great. When I walked down the Golden Mile, a guy at the side of the road jokingly told me I was not allowed to walk the last kay, so I told him nicely that I could do what I wanted, because I was tired. But I still ran into the stadium anyway.

How did you feel physically after the race?
My muscles took a hammering and were very sore, worse than last year.

Were you happy?
Yes, I improved my 2009 time by nearly 17 minutes.

How long are you resting before training again?
I’ve got a sore hip that must recover first, so I will wait four to six weeks. I don’t feel like running at the moment anyway.

Will you be back at Comrades in 2011?
No, I don’t like the up run – I last did it in 2002. I may run the down again, but first I need to strengthen my legs in the gym to cope with the uphills better.

What are your next short- and long-term goals?
Short-term, to rest properly, and long-term, to run a good 3:30 marathon time. And I want to run the Loskop again because it is a great race.