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Well Worth Having


If you are alone when running, cycling, hiking or even driving, anything can happen to you. Many times your family members don’t know exactly where you are or how long you will be gone for. Impilo Siza Emergency Information Services has designed a bracelet and dogtags that contain info with your name, allergies, any medical conditions and medical aid status. So when you are unconscious or traumatized, you will immediately be identified so you can be assisted in the correct way by emergency services and the police. This also means you will be taken to the right hospital first time. Registering for this service will cost you R10 per month. For more info visit

The tough terrain of trail running and adventure racing is much easier to cover with trekking poles in each hand, as they really help maintain your balance and momentum. And this pole is a real pleasure to use. Folded, it measures 59cm and can extend to 125cm, with the two telescoping sections locked down by the FlickLock clamping system, which is easy to use and quick to adjust, but extremely strong. Another great feature is the well-contoured, comfortable foam rubber handle, which extends down the upper shaft to allow you to quickly move your hands down the pole when faced with really steep terrain – without having to adjust the length or gripping the metal shaft. Available at Cape Storm, R450 per pole.

We often look for products that enhance our performance but forget about our safety, and on our roads in winter, it is often dark when we head out for our training runs. Visibility is essential. These snap bands make the ideal training partner. Simply wrap them around your wrists or your ankles, or the strap of a backpack, or even your bike, and you’ll be instantly visible from several hundred metres in low-light conditions, as soon as headlights or street lamps reflect off the bands. Easy to apply, the metallic bands are also comfortable thanks to a material backing. Available in packs of two from Sportsmans Warehouse, R79.95.

This epic adventure begins with a simple question: why does my foot hurt? That sends Christopher McDougall in search of a mysterious Mexican tribe of probably the world’s greatest distance runners. The Tarahumara don’t have a written language and use running as a form of social bonding, but what makes them so amazing is that they run up to hundreds of kilometres non-stop in just light sandals and yet remain largely injury-free. This fascinating book features a cast of wacky characters, including a name that will be familiar to South African readers, former Comrades Marathon winner Ann Trason. The Tarahumara call her the Bruja (Witch) because they suspect her of putting a curse – a knee injury – on one of their top runners! This is a fascinating read. Available from leading bookshops at R165 (Front cover may differ from picture). – Reviewed by reader Andy McKissock