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Keep Moving!


June and July are traditionally months where most of us take time out from our hectic training and recharge our batteries. But becoming a total couch potato in these months will set you far back when you try to lace up those takkies in spring. This month we’ve put together a few inspirational ideas to get you going, in spite of the cold weather outside! – BY MICHELLE PIETERS

Use the colder months to get moving in the gym. Not only will it help you tighten the flabby bits, but you will strengthen your body to such an extent that a 5km or 10km PB might just be around the corner!

And remember, the correct weight training will not only help you run longer and stronger, it will also strengthen your entire body (which cannot be achieved through walking/running only). It can also help you avoid injury, so try to make two sessions a week part of your year round training programme.

We constantly need to remind ourselves of the following basic injury prevention strategies:
 Stretch! Inflexibility leads to injuries. If you don’t know how to stretch, log onto the Modern Athlete website (, and check our previous issues (9 and 10) for great articles on stretching.
 Immediately treat small injuries. Try the traditional RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) principle.
  Most importantly, use the winter months to seek professional treatment for any persisting injuries so you can start the new season without any niggles.

 Think about that long and luxurious warm bath or shower you will be taking after your training session!
  Always remind yourself why you are running. Keep your goals in mind, no matter how small or big.
 Buy some funky, cute winter running gear to motivate yourself, or reward yourself for training through one of the coldest months of the year by booking a massage!

August is Women’s Month and we get to celebrate so many things that are unique and special to womanhood. On top of that we get to have a whole month where we rule! So why not commit now to entering a great Women’s Month race next month? The distances are short and appeal to all fitness levels. Here are a few to choose from:
 Ladies’ Spar 10km Challenge: 1 August, KZN (Info: 031 312 9374).
  Women’s Day 10 & 5km: 8 August, East London (Info: 082 448 0727)
 Totalsports Women’s Day Ladies Race: 9 August, Stellenbosch (Info: 021 511 7130).
  Women’s Day Challenge 10 & 5km: 9 August, Belville (Info: 083 465 8335/083 300 0299).

 // They’re very tenacious. They’re dedicated. Once a woman decides she’s going to do something, she’ll probably stick to it. The only problem with women is if there’s anything wrong with them, they won’t tell you. They’ll get out there and run on one leg. They don’t moan and groan like a lot of men do.  – Arthur Lydiard, New Zealand Coach

Great Gear for Girls



To help keep the warmth in while doing what you love best, try Cape Storm’s Puffadder. Made from Entropy Thermodynamic fabric, it is perfectly suited for any outdoor activity where body moisture needs to be managed and moderate levels of insulation are required. The fabric is quick drying and has odour-resistant properties.

It’s a comfortable and easy wear fit. And yes! It is so funky you can also wear it to work, play or even to bed!

PRICE: R295. Available at Cape Storm stores.


Meditation is an ideal way to destress, recharge and get your head space right for your next running or other sporting goal!

There are several health and holistic centres offering guided meditation classes countrywide. We tried a guided meditation session at the Bikram Yoga studio in Johannesburg. And what an experience! The session lasts about 90 minutes and is offered late on a Sunday afternoon, which makes it a perfect way to end a hectic week and start another with inner peace, stillness and renewed energy.

Different meditation techniques are demonstrated. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it allows you to be aware of your thoughts and emotions and to be present in the moment at all times.

An added benefit of the session is that the correct breathing technique is demonstrated. The practitioner shows you how to breathe properly and improve your lung capacity by taking you through some power breathing exercises. If your life has been a bit hectic up until now and you feel the need for a few hours of ‘time out’, a meditation session is just what you need.