Three in a row for Ryan Sandes

Who to See


I’ve been battling with various knee issues for a while and performing self diagnosis, which has led to me taking some time off to rest. However I want to get the issues sorted. Should I visit a physiotherapist or biokineticist first? – GREG MCDAVID, WEST COAST RUNNING CLUB

The first step would be to visit a physio to assess whether there is an injury that may require treatment other than rest and/or strengthening. A programme of exercises may be required either in addition to treatment, or as the only form of treatment in the case of muscle weakness or muscle imbalances. This could be determined by the physiotherapist, who could then provide the necessary exercises or refer you to a biokineticist if required.


Modern Athlete Expert – TONI HESP
Physiotherapist in Edenvale, Johannesburg. Has finished 20 Comrades, three Ironmans and two New York Marathons, plus various cycling and canoeing events. Member of Jeppe Quondam.