A Knight’s Tale

Burn It Off!


I started running to lose some weight. Since then I have fallen in love with the sport and in the process also achieved my initial goal by losing 4kg quickly!
I still need to lose another 2kg, but I am battling. No matter how much I run these days, my weight stays constant. Any advice on how to burn off the last excess kilograms? – MEGAN, NELSPRUIT

Delighted to hear about your love of running! Since I don’t know your height and weight, it’s difficult to know if you really do need to lose another 2kg at all. However, what I would suggest is that instead of focusing on your scale, which after all, only tells you how much of you there is, rather concentrate on your measurements. For example, if you lose a few centimetres on your waist, it’ll indicate some fat-loss, but you might weigh the same because you gained a bit of muscle mass. Your body composition is changing for the better. The scale can be very deceptive. If you still feel you need to shape up a bit more, then why not include a session of interval training or speed work (even a time trial will do) once a week? This will certainly kick-start any sluggish metabolism. Also, if you feel your eating habits might not be ideal, consult with a registered dietician – it’ll be well worth it.

Kathleen McQuaide-Little – Modern Athlete Expert

BSc. H.D.E M.Ed. BSc (Med)(Hons)
Exercise Science