02 Apr, 2013

Deep Breaths!

Deep Breaths!

We all know that we need to train our muscles in order to be able to do sport, so we work on our leg muscles, throw in core work for stability, and add upper body work if we’re into multi-sports. But how often do we specifically target some of the most important muscles in all sporting activity, the breathing muscles? In most cases, never, because we just rely on hard running or cycling to automatically also train these muscles.


However, published research findings show that specific breathing muscle training can improve your sport performance in as little as four weeks, and one of the best ways to increase the strength, power and endurance of these breathing muscles is to give them some resistance training, which is exactly what the POWERBreathe range of products offer: Resistance. You could describe them as dumbbells for the lungs, and the good news is that your breathing muscles will respond to this training easily and quickly – just 30 deep breaths at moderate resistance twice a day can help you improve your performance markedly.


The basic underlying mechanism here is that impaired oxygen uptake activates a reflex in your body that restricts blood flow to the limbs and muscles, reserving the blood for the lungs that now need more support to function properly. Therefore, by training the breathing muscles to become stronger, you can slow this reflex down to the extent that your legs and arms will receive more blood, which contains energising oxygen and clears out muscle metabolite build-up. In other words, you can run harder thanks to your breathing muscles being fitter and better able to cope with the stress being placed on them.


POWERbreathe has two inspiratory muscle training products available in South Africa, the POWERbreathe K-series with digital display (from R4100 to R7200), and the simpler but no less effective POWERbreathe Plus (approximately R800). Both ranges offer models with different features and levels of adjustable resistance, so check them out online and order them there as well.


The bottom line is that just a few minutes of ‘work’ on your breathing muscles each day can improve your strength and endurance, delay limb fatigue, improve recovery time, and help you maintain a higher exercise intensity for longer. It’s as simple as breathing, really.


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