01 Oct, 2013

Bad Hair Day?

Bad Hair Day?

When Vanessa Haywood is not busy with a modelling photo-shoot or an audition for a TV or film role, chances are you’ll find her hitting the trails, but her lifestyle demands that she often goes straight from mountain biking and trail running ‘tough girl’ to the glitz and glamour of modelling and acting quickly, so she has learnt how to keep her hair in good shape.


"I have really long fair hair and the combination of sun, sweat, elastic bands, helmets and caps wreaks havoc on my hair! It gets knotty and ends up looking like an old Barbie doll's nylon hair after a race – and I also colour my hair, so the bleach dries it out severely. Fortunately, I use the most fantastic products that fix all of the damage in an instant,” says Vanessa. She swears by NAK Aromas Shampoo and Conditioner, which also have leave-in treatment to add to their range. “It detangles and literally stops split ends in their tracks,” says Vanessa.


Due to having fair, sensitive hair, Vanessa has found that spray-on sunblocks made by Paul Mitchell and Redken are great for her hair care regime. “Just make sure when buying a sunblock hair treatment, that it contains both UVA and UVB protectors in it.” Vanessa also tries to avoid washing her hair daily, as the natural oils in the hair get washed away. “One has to wash one's hair after a race, but during the week, when training, try to stick to three times a week, especially if you have long hair,” she advises.



Despite the fact that swimming is a great way to get fit, with minimal impact on your muscles and joints, the effect on your hair is not quite so ‘injury-free,’ says Nadia Bachini, who has been a competitive swimmer for more than ten years, including competing at the World Champs (in Italy) and doing the Robben Island to Big Big open sea swim in Cape Town. She says that all the hours spent in the pool take a toll on one’s hair, and she should know, given that she does up to 8km in the pool most some training days.


“As a swimmer, the key to ensuring your hair stays healthy is to wash it after every swim with a shampoo that does not contain sodium,” says Nadia. “In addition to this, a mask is recommended at least once a week, to replace all the lost nutrients. These can be bought from a local pharmacy, and you don’t need the most expensive brand on the market.”


Nadia says she has also recently started supplementing with Prosana Hair and Nail booster, which is formulated with vitamins to assist in hair care. “Vigro is also something I have recently started using, as this brand has a tonic which can be applied to the hair immediately after a swim, left in and then the hair can be styled normally,” says Nadia. She also claims that she will leave her hair to ‘air dry’ as much as possible and minimises using a straightener to once in three weeks.