24 May, 2010




Akasia Golf Club, Waterbok Avenue, Theresa Park, Pretoria
When: Tuesday at 17:30 (winter: 17:15)
Distance: 4/8km

The Akasia time trial starts in the parking area of the Akasia Golf Club and meanders through the suburb of Theresa Park. The first kilometre is run in Waterbok Street and is usually quite busy with traffic, but the
rest of the route is run on quiet roads with
little traffic.

The route combines a harder first half with an easier second half. The first 4km of the 8km winds all the way up through the suburbs of Theresa Park. Runners turn at the 4km mark and run on the same route all the way back to the golf club. Most runners make up for time in the second half as it is mostly downhill. The 4km route is 2km out and 2km back to the club.

 “Most of our runners take it easy on the first half but when they turn, they give it all they have,” says Fanus van der Merwe, club captain. Jack Mabidikame, holds the 8km course time (32:03) for 2010.

Akasia Athletic Club does not have its own clubhouse, but makes use of the Golf Club’s facilities, and after the time trial, most members gather in the bar for some refreshments. “Some of our members want to run good times, but there are just as many who use the time trials as an opportunity to socialise,” says Fanus.

Difficulty Rating: 2.5 out of 5